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Aug 30, 2006 03:41 AM

What wine would go well with goose and saffron potatoes?

Does anyone have ideas of wine with saffron? I don't use saffron usually and it's such a strong spice.


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  1. Think Spanish. The saffron connection is obvious, but Spanish wines tend to have enough acidity to cut through fatty foods like ham, sausage, and of course - goose. Look for a well-made rioja (not the one with the red label from the supermarket) or a Toro red if you prefer bigger more tannic wines.

    1. Goose is typically paired with either a medium-weight, somewhat acidic, structured red (e.g. Médoc, Pommard) or a rich white. Provided you have a light hand with the saffron, neither a Côte-Rôtie (or similarly styled New World syrah) or a Cahors would be troubled by the potatoes. [Edit: robdrbul's Rioja suggestion is a good one, though beware of heavy oak.] For a white, look to Alsace: a rich Tokay Pinot Gris or even one of the steelier dry Gewurztraminers.

      1. You're roasting the potatoes in goose fat, right?

        My first thought would be an Irouleguy, Bandol, or good Chateauneuf.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Bandol's an interesting suggestion. It certainly works well with saffron (it's my fallback accompaniment to chicken bouillabaisse) but I've never paired it with goose. You have?

          1. re: carswell

            Not that I recall. I'm just extrapolating. I've had southwestern French and Basque red blends with similar balance and spiciness with goose.

        2. My gut instinct would be for a nice crisp riesling to balance out the richness of the goose, rather than a richer white like g'wurtz. Or what about a pinot noir?

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          1. re: WineWidow

            >>a richer white like g'wurtz<<

            Not every gewurztraminer is rich, though that is definitely a popular style these days.

            1. re: carswell

              You're right, to say that all gewurtztraminers are rich is a big generalization (just as not all rieslings are "crisp"), I have definitely enjoyed some steelier wines in that varietal!

              What about a gruner veltliner with goose? I'm just thinking that sharp green apple kind of thing would pair nicely with the juicy fatty goose and balance off the saffron.

            2. re: WineWidow

              Goose and saffron screams red to me. Just need one with enough acid and/or tannin to cut the goose fat.