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Aug 30, 2006 03:16 AM

Navy Pier

hi all,

i've got visitors from out of the country and we're taking them to navy pier tomorrow.

does anyone have any recommendations on good and cheap places to eat?

we don't like fancy fru-fru places...and nothing asian b/c they're from asia and can pretty much get better asian food there.

we've already done the chicago style pizza...italian beef...
they've never had gyros so if there's a good gyros place, suggestions are appreciated...or if you can think of anything that
is chicago.


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  1. It is a chain - bubba gumps is fun and it is at navy Pier -

    1. I like to avoid eating on Navy Pier and like to eat at these places in the neighborhood to the west:

      --The snazzy cafeteria at Fox & Obel, the deluxe grocery on Illinois
      --Coco Pazzo Cafe on St. Clair for good-value modern Italian
      --Blackie's on Grand, a large barroom with great cheeseburgers
      --Sayat Nova for reliable Armenian food; quiet at lunch

      Have fun.

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      1. re: Mugs

        I'm with Mugs. I'm no fan of Navy Pier. Take them to Millenium Park and maybe a walk down Michigan avenue to Streeterville/Goldcoast. Blackies is a neat little burger joint on lower Michigan. Coco Pazzo Cafe is good italian. Rockit Bar and Grill has good bar food and is great for people watching.

      2. Especially if you and your guest are jazz fans you might try Joe's Bebop Cafe at the west end of Navy Pier.