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Aug 30, 2006 03:15 AM

Pick Your Own Vegetable/Fruit Farms

Does anyone know of any pick your own farms in the greater LA area? I grew up in London and used to go to a place called Hewitt's Farm which had everything. No matter when you went, there was alway a ton of stuff in season and you would ride by tractor around the farm and jump off at the fields that interested you. Anything you eat at the farm is no charge and you pay great prices for what you take home. If there is anything like this in the So. Cal area, please let me know. Organic would be a plus, but i know im pushing it.


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  1. Oh yeh, absolutely! There's tons!! Oak Glen is the place to go NOW. Fall season, travel north and east. Check out these sites Have fun :) KQ.
    Apples and Berries:
    Tierra Rejada Family Farms - (805) 529-6037
    Pick-your-own pumpkin in our HUGE pumpkin patch, Clydesdale-drawn hay rides and