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Aug 30, 2006 03:14 AM

Soul Folks Cafe ??? what's the deal??

so i've got my interest piqued, but every time i call there's a voice mail for a cell phone, not really the signs of a restaurant. is this joint only a catering affair or for private parties of at least 50 or so persons.

i read a blurb about it re: delicious food for the soul, in the west magazine in the LA times sunday restaurant editioin a couple months back.

anyways, i remember there used to be a joint near the artist's district called Soul Folks on Traction or Tractor ave. and now i think their address is on imperial.

has anyone been to the restaurant on imperial? any luck? supposedly the fried chicken is dandy as well as the candied yams and jambalaya.

any info would be great.

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  1. i posted an old thread, anyone have any clue about what i'm talking about here.

    Is Soul Folks Cafe still around, it used to be located on Tracton, or traction, or imperial in downtown la?

    i'm always on the lookout for great soul food, and i have heard they served up some of the best but i hope i didn't already miss the boat on this one.

    1. The owner is opening a restaurant on Hollywood Blvd. called Hollywood Soul or Soul Hollywood... something like that. It was supposed to have opened in July, not sure of the delay. They will have a liquor license.

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        wow, thanks for the info, do you know where in hollywood thanks again.

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            What's the name of their catering company? I'd love to have the number!

            Based purely on the timing of the thing, could it be the new Soul restaurant has been eaten by the plunge in real estate prices and the recession? It's been a long time since there was an update on this...