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Aug 30, 2006 02:36 AM

suggestions for mackinac island???

my wife and i are going up to mackinac with another couple in two weeks. it has been 15 years since we last visited. i know that it is a very small island but are there any must visits? thanx.

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  1. The Irish Bar on the main drag has a nice selection of beers and a good atmosphere (we didn't eat there). We did eat at a place sort of across the street that advertised giant burgers, very mediocre. We loved the Island. We took the ferry from St. Ignace, way less crowded than in Mackinaw City.

    Have fun.

    1. Don't remember the name of the place , but the big white resort/hotel on the left of the main docks as you pull into the harbor had some pretty good food when we went there B.K. ( before kids ) They have a casual dockside grill which is ok and much like the rest of the touristy fare you are stick with on an island , not bad , but nothing to go out of your way for . The main dining room of the hotel was a step above . Other than a whitefish pate appetizer and a great bottle of summery Leelanau white , I don't remember exactly what we ate , but I know it was good , and , again , a step up from the pub style burger fare it was surrounded by . If you want to slum it up , please try Scalawag's in Mac City . Excellent fried whitefish , very casual , but seriously good .

      1. Just eat fudge the whole time!! lol Think there is bout 10 fudge shops. We like Patrick Sinclair's Irish Pub.
        The Irish Pub is a great place for laid-back fun. They have tons of paraphanilia involving the Irish, and there is often live entertainment. This is quite possibly my favorite restaurant on the island, just because of its lively atmosphere and the friendly wait staff. It's even one of the few restaurants open during the winter, and the people there are as cheery in December as they are in July.

        The Potato Soup in a Sourdough Breadbowl-- their potato soup is amazing (in true Irish fashion) and the breadbowl is just an added bonus. I've been eating this for years and it hasn't got old; in fact, it may have gotten better.

        1. I second the St. Ignace ferry suggestion.

          My wife and I spent a few days of our honeymoon on Mackinac Island. Meals we remember and enjoyed:

          Carriage House Dining at the Iroquois hotel - wonderful meal, great service... highly recommended for a "fancy" dinner. Cool sunken bar with well-made cocktails. Only downside (if you're not staying at the Iroquois) is they restrict the outdoor dining area to guests of the hotel. (This might be the place GoalieJeff recalls...)

          Yankee Rebel - Another good dinner spot, more casual than the Iroquois.

          Pub & Oyster bar - had lunch there... good selection of beers, tasty pub food.

          Other thoughts:
          The "Irish Pub" mentioned by CW1201 is Patrick Sinclair's - I remember having to decide between this place and Pub & Oyster for a lunch... it was a tough call!
          We stayed at the Lake View, which I understand had renovated and changed their restaurant(s) since we were there, but at the time of our visit we weren't impressed at all with the Pilot House ("wasted" a breakfast there) - their restaurant at the time.
          We had drinks at the Pink Pony, which i was hoping would be something a little more special. Oh well. Live music was fun, though.


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            Agree on the Carriage House. Good, classic cocktails, excellent water views (we watched the moonrise) and perfectly cooked steaks. I was expecting so-so because of the island setting and limited choices but I was really pleasantly surprised by all the deliciousness. The menu is pretty traditional, yet it felt special. A good Ender to the meal: homemade hot fudge sundaes and letting us take our drinks to the room.

            1. re: ava975

              The Iroquois is as close to a "must" as you'll fine. We have friends who, for many years, have had a dozen jars of the hot fudge sauce shipped to them in Austin, TX!

          2. Forgot that we also had breakfast and coffee at Cafe Monet... thumbs up on that one!