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Aug 30, 2006 02:06 AM

Looking for some good eats in Tucson. Any suggestions?

My sister just moved and I will be visiting soon and wanted to find out where to sample some good local flavors while in Tucson.

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    1. re: Minx

      I second Poco Cosa. You should also search this board for the older threads on Tucson restaurants. The reviews are still valid, and you can pinpoint better what would interest you in terms of ambience and price.

    2. There's an awful lot of good food here in Tucson. Can you clue us in on where in town your sister is, or what types of food she likes?

      1. She is near the University on East 8th street. She is open to all though local and fresh would be a plus.

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        1. re: Abigail718

          JBar at Janos at Westin LaPaloma has good happy hour drinks and appetizers along with summer specials. Good music and view of Tucson too. The great bartender had us enjoying his dark chocolate jalepeno martini....

        2. I almost hesitate to menttion this, let it become too popular, but I'm heading out in a few minutes to Kampai on Swan, just off Speedway. Best sushi in town, IMNSHO.

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          1. re: Shimmers

            You really think that Kampai is the best sushi in tucson? I've tried nearly every sushi place in town, and Kampai lands dead last on my list. I've tried it three times, and every time, not only was the service beyond awful (every server I've had there was downright rude), but the sushi was far from fresh. I had different kinds of fish, including salmon, tuna, yellowtail, and eel, and each kind was so disgusting, it was almost to the point of being inedible. The people I was with also agreed each time. I like to give a place a few tries before completely writing it off, but Kampai has got to be the worst sushi I've had in my life, not just in tucson, so beware! If you're looking for good sushi, I recommend Sushi Ten, located on Speedway just past Columbus. The fish there is always very fresh, or at least, as fresh as it can be in Tucson, and the service is always excellent. Sushi Saga, on Speedway and I believe just beyond Campbell, is also good. It is owned by a Japananes and Mexican couple, so the sushi combines the flavors of both nations. Some rolls include jalepenos and chipotle, and there are nearly a hundred different rolls to choose from. Most places for sushi in Tucson are decent, but Sushi Garden, Sushi Cho (which is owned by the same people who own Sushi Ten surprisingly), and Kampai are all sushi joints to avoid. Hope this helps! Enjoy your visit here!