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Aug 30, 2006 01:21 AM

Labor Day weekend festivals?

I missed St.Anthony's feast last weekend and am wondering if there are any chowhound-worthy festivals over the long weekend? Those fresh shucked oysters and clams sounded so good!

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  1. well, there's the feast of the 3 saints in Lawrence this coming weekend, on Common Street down by Union Street, but I haven't been in years so I'm not sure how good the food is now.

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      We went last year and enjoyed the food. Some food booths were great, others not so much. It's a fun festival and, if you're in the area, worth a trip.

    2. That is about it for the North End for this year, although there is at least one more procession. The 9th and 10th is the Italian feast in East Cambridge, there also is a Brazilian festival on the 9th at Artesani Park on Soldier's Field Road. If you want shucked mollusks, the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival is that weekend or others have mentioned the coming oyster festival in Wellfleet.

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        September 10, 2006 -Santa Rosalia Di Palermo Society - that's the last procession of the season for the North End.

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          sounds like I have some options! thanks for the info

        2. One other possibility I omitted for next weekend (9th & 10th) and perhaps the most exciting is one Louis posted -- the Acushnet Apple/Peach festival.

          Definately worth the drive if you are looking for something to do!

          1. Great shucked oysters are to be had at the Union Oyster House.

            1. i saw a sign on boylston for a greek fest in brookline on the 16th -do you know if its any good?