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Aug 30, 2006 01:15 AM

PDX Chinese Moon Cakes

I am still new to the area and have not yet scouted out a Chinese bakery. Any suggestions? PDX, Westside/Beaverton, or any relatively close to PDX.
Looking for the many varieties of bean cakes and such.


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  1. The Freshman in Beaverton. Great moon cakes!

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Unless they've relocated, The Freshman seems to have gone out of business. I just had lunch at Aiea Grill in the center that The Freshman used to be, and the spot where I think it used to be is now empty with a new sign, "Za Majestic" or something like that.

      1. re: jeff_pdx

        Skip the Freshman, I want to hear about the Aiea Grill. Ono?

    2. The Freshman in Beaverton has closed quite a while. Go to Uwajimaya- an Asian Grocery store where you can find chinese moon cakes baked by Wing Wah Cake Shop or Heng Heung Cake Shop. They made the best moon cakes. If you can't find them just go to Vancover,BC.

      1. I was just at Fubon (on 82nd) and they had a huge display (with prices in the range of $17 for a box of nine cakes). I would also try that bakery on Foster, near 50th.

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          That bakery is An Xuyen (corner of SE 54th and Foster). They sell baked goods to 'waji and FuBon, and to other Asian markets. Good bahn mi and pate chaud, too. ;o)