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Tofino Shuttered!!!! Please help!

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I was planning to spend three nights in Tofino beginning on September 1st. You have generously helped in the planning of a dream trip for my partner and I. I was just informed that the Wick and all hotels and restaurants in Tofino are being closed due to a water shortage. I'm surprised and extremely disappointed. Can any of you help me determine where there's an alternative place to stay (and eat!) that I can drive to from Nanaimo. We're looking to kayak, see lots of natural beauty, eat great food and stay somewhere posh. And it Labor Day weekend, so everythings booking up fast. Can anyone help?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm desperate and unable to cancel the other leg of the trip. Thanks so much in advance.


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  1. Try nearby Uculet, that is where water is being trucked in from to help out the Tofino-ites.
    You could also try some of the islands near Nanaimo - like Saltspring or Maine.

    1. I would recommend the Sooke Harbour House, and the Aerie in Malahat, unfortunately I know nothing og the Gulf Islands, wish I could be more help. Good luck!

      1. Indeed, Saltspring might work for you. Just a short drive from Nanaimo to the Crofton ferry. Hastings House, House Piccolo, and for far less $ Calvin's, are all good/great. I think there's a couple of kayaking options.

        1. Does anyone know if the restaurants are still closed? We're supposed to go to Tofino next week, and our B&B assures us that they're still open.

          We could stay at Sooke Harbour House instead--they're holding a reservation for us. But I hate to give up on going to Tofino as it's very special to us. Any opinions?

          1. Nettie:

            I think you should phone one or two [depending upon how long you are expecting to visit] of the places you would likely eat at to make sure for yourself.

            I know that the Schooner was up and running..but watching their water meter...a few days ago according to the news article I saw.

            Phone or email the Wick for example to see if the Pointe is open.

            The "impression" I got from watching and reading the news is that things were not as desperate as orginally believed.

            I hope so. Hopefully the rain will come to replenish the reservoir...hopefully as well before we arrive for 10 days come late October. I hope the "rain forest" does not make up for the very, very dry summer while we are there [smile]

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              Thanks. We did call a few restaurants, and they said that they were open, so we're going ahead with our trip to Tofino--we'll bring a bunch of bottled water with us, and we'll be prepared for short showers!

              It looks like there might be some rain in the pacific northwest tomorrow, but I don't know if it will be enough to ease the shortage.

            2. I can confirm that the water situation in Tofino is no longer causing any disruptions.

              Rest assured you will have a great trip.
              Have a wonderful time.