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Aug 30, 2006 12:57 AM

Rehearsal Dinner in North Queens

Looking for a good Rehearsal Dinner place in North Queens for about 30 - 35 people. Not Giardinos. Thanks!

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  1. Joe Abbracciamento Restaurant

    (718) 478-6463

    6296 Woodhaven Blvd
    Flushing, NY 11374

    My sister had her rehearsal dinner and everyone raved about the service and food in our private room. They do this sort of thing very often and they are good at it.

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    1. re: HungyGod11

      I will be coming to NY in October and my NY relatives are taking me to one of their favorite Italian restaurants and that is Joe Abbracciamento's.....they said it was in Rego that the same as Flushing? Or is this another restaurant?

      Hey, I live in CA so I have no idea about these areas!!

      1. re: Shadow

        Yes, Shadow, it's the same place. "Flushing" is the all-encompassing postal code for that area of Queens, which includes Rego Park. Joe Abbracciamento's has been in the same location for more than 35 years. It's walking distance from my parent's home. Let me know if it's still good. Mom makes the "best" Italian food :-), so I haven't been there in at least 30 years!

        1. re: Anne

          Anne...thanks!! My relatives love this place....I am so excited about it....I live hours away from good Italian and I hear NY has some of the best!!
          I'll do a report when I get back...lucky you...real home made Italian food!!

    2. Verdi's on the service road of the Cross Island is a nice spot for small parties like yours.
      The food is above average for a catering place.
      High end could be Conti's in Little Neck.
      You also have the back room in Donovan's of Bayside.
      Cheeseburgers for everybody!!
      I also read that the Old Forge is now Gino's Trattoria (Bell @ 35th Avenue.) Has anyone been ???

      1. went to Gino's last week. brick oven pizza quite good - crust chewy and flavorful. about $8 for a margherita style (6 thin slices). i shared one pizza for an appetizer, which was plenty. pizzas seem to be a good value. then i had grilled shrimp (marinated in limoncello, rosemary, etc.) for my entree. there were 5 fairly large shrimp for $15, tasted like, well....just grilled shrimp - couldn't taste the special marinade. all sides have to be ordered separately. my side of broccoli rabe was perfectly cooked (not too oily or garlicky), but kinda small for $7. my husband had the steak special. he ordered it medium rare, but it was medium (why can't restaurants get it right?) - delicious, but at $32 why not just go to a steakhouse? pretty busy there on weekends, good service and convivial atmosphere. i would go again, though probably just to check out the pizzas again. food good, but not really out of the ordinary. entrees on the small side, somewhat expensive for what you get once you add in the price of the side dishes.

        for rehearsal dinner - what kind of cuisine? for a casual italian place with good food, you could check out il fagiano in whitestone (on utopia parkway). they have a private party room, though it's pretty sparse so you would need to spruce it up with flowers, etc.

        1. As long as we're talking old-school Italian - how about the Parkside in Corona? I think it would be a good choice for that kind of party, though I have no clue if their rooms can accomodate a group of that size. I'm guessing they can.

          1. contis little neck yes, toscana in douglaston yes, piccola venezia in astoria yes, parkside/corona..definetly NOT