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Aug 30, 2006 12:30 AM

ANy one tried Wildfish or Catch 23 yet

There's a Wildfish restaurant in Clearwater that the old lady and I want to try, but I haven't heard anything but their ads. Anyone tried this place? Same for CAtch 23, which is also a nearby Pinellas fish restaurant. Yea or Nea.

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  1. I've tried Catch 23. They're ok and the service is friendly, but I think they're a little overpriced considering other, better options in Pinellas County.

    I haven't tried Wildfish, but a friend of mine said it was very good. I've heard that Wildfish's food is a little on the spicy side, so be aware of that if you don't like the spice.

    1. I have to agree on Catch 23. It is okay but I probably would not go back as I feel there are better choices for seafood in Pinellas County.


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        Thanks for the tip on Catch 23...I kinda had the feeling it was just another overpriced fish place. Maybe I'll have to be the sucker who tries Wildfish first. If so, I will report back. Spicy is good!

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          I agree that Catch 23 is a bit overpriced. And, the food is just so so.

          I have heard good things about Wild Fish but have not tried it myself.

          Do let us know how it is if you go!

      2. We've been to both and liked both only OK. We probably would return to Catch 23 before Wild Fish, but only because of the atmosphere.

        I felt that Catch 23 was overpriced, and the service was mediocre. The food was good, above average, but you can find better.

        Wild Fish has an awkward dining layout, which was really distracting since we sat at a half booth facing the outdoor bar. The wine list is only so-so, and the food has a huge Caribbean flair, so there's a lot of sweet mixed into the savory (not my thing). If sweet 'n' savory IS your thing, you'll probably like it. I think Wild Fish may be a tad less expensive than Catch 23.

        1. I'm surprised by the lukewarm reviews of Catch 23. We have never had a disappointing meal there, and I have found the value to be commensurate to other seafood joints in the area. We have been to Wildfish a couple times, and while we thought it was fine, we prefer the menu at Catch 23.

          1. Wild Fish was good, not great but quite nice if you like a bit on the spicy side with Cuban flavor. J Lohr house wines are nice and cocktails well prepared - all decently priced. Servers have been OK to very good and early menu for seniors with half price drinks is a good value. The facility, formerly kissin' cuzzins, saw a mil or two as in dollars invested and is quite nice - Men's room is large enough for a family of four to live in.

            HOWEVER, the restaurant was closed as of last Friday when I stopped with a party of 9!


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              Someone posted here the other day that both locations had closed but the Catch 23 in Westchase is still open. That's the only one I have been to as I live in Tampa. The Tampa location is really good and nice service too.