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Aug 29, 2006 11:52 PM

Which chinese dishes do you always order for takeout?

I do branch out sometimes, but I have my old standbys that I continue to order over and over again.....

Little bit of everything noodle soup (light on the corn starch)

Steamed veggie dumplings

Spare ribs

Roast pork chow fun...preferably in a light black bean sauce -OR- 10 ingredients Shanghai flat noodles

Sliced chicken and broc with garlic sauce

Dried string beans with fresh garlic

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  1. Hot and Sour Soup...always!

    1. Fried rice w/char siu
      An eggplant dish
      Hong Kong style pan fried noodles
      DH likes honey walnut shrimp

      1. Starch city. Must include ONE of these every time.

        Pan Fried Wonton
        Singapore Rice Noodle
        Cold Sesame Noodle
        Sesame Wonton

        Hot and Sour Soup

        Always ask for the "House" mustard. (Their homemade).

        1. 1. chow fun with beef (dry);
          2. hot and sour soup OR wonton soup; and
          3. a tofu dish (salt-and-pepper tofu, for example).

          1. Depends on the city, but Chicken Chow Mein, Empress Chicken, and Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup seem to be staples in the TT house!