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Which chinese dishes do you always order for takeout?

I do branch out sometimes, but I have my old standbys that I continue to order over and over again.....

Little bit of everything noodle soup (light on the corn starch)

Steamed veggie dumplings

Spare ribs

Roast pork chow fun...preferably in a light black bean sauce -OR- 10 ingredients Shanghai flat noodles

Sliced chicken and broc with garlic sauce

Dried string beans with fresh garlic

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  1. Hot and Sour Soup...always!

    1. Fried rice w/char siu
      An eggplant dish
      Hong Kong style pan fried noodles
      DH likes honey walnut shrimp

      1. Starch city. Must include ONE of these every time.

        Pan Fried Wonton
        Singapore Rice Noodle
        Cold Sesame Noodle
        Sesame Wonton

        Hot and Sour Soup

        Always ask for the "House" mustard. (Their homemade).

        1. 1. chow fun with beef (dry);
          2. hot and sour soup OR wonton soup; and
          3. a tofu dish (salt-and-pepper tofu, for example).

          1. Depends on the city, but Chicken Chow Mein, Empress Chicken, and Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup seem to be staples in the TT house!


            1. szechuan dumplings with peanut sauce, general tsao, steamed chicken and vegs w brown sauce. H&S soup hits the 50% and panfried noodles gets 40%.

              1. I usually order one of the following:

                Eggplant in black bean sauce
                Steamed veggie dumplings
                Buddha's delight
                Something with shiitakes and/or bokchoy
                Anything with tofu skin

                1. Orange/Tangerine Beef... extra spicy
                  Hot and Sour soup
                  Roast Pork/Bonelss BBQ Ribs

                  1. We always get:
                    Egg rolls
                    Hot and Sour soup
                    Chicken with Mixed Vegetables

                    and the ultimate favorite in our house.....

                    Roast Pork Egg Foo Yung

                    1. This is a great thread. Somehow-- in a completely self-centered way ;-) -- I just assumed everyone ordered the same things we do... I will have to try some of these other dishes... (a few I have tried, some not).

                      My family's favorites:

                      General Tsao
                      Kung Pao Chicken (I love anything spicy with peanuts)

                      Chicken Fried Rice
                      Green Beans, whatever they are called

                      My husband and I like Mu Shu Pork, Hot and Sour Soup and the eggplant dish, but our kids don't.

                      1. Whole steamed fish
                        Steamed crab
                        Cashew chicken
                        Tofu and shrimp
                        Sauteed spinach
                        Sauteed kong xing tsai

                        From dumpling houses, vegetable, fish, seafood, chicken, shrimp, pork dumplings; red bean dumplings; and 8-bao rice.

                        1. Stir-fried. stews and soups tend to travel well.

                          1. An eggplant dish, orange beef, spicy fish with black beans, egg rolls, and for our two picky eaters- fried shrimp and sesame chicken. We alternate with fried rice or lo mein. Also love hot and sour soup.

                            1. Depending on the region - some sort of green - peapod stems, dry cooked string beans - etc. Otherwise, it depends on the region.

                              1. Moo Shoo Pork. It's fun rolling it up in the little pancakes/tortillas that you get with it.

                                1. Depends on the restaurant. We usually order a noodle, shrimp, poultry, beef, and veggie dish. Here's what we generally choose from.

                                  Hot and Sour Soup, or wonton
                                  Salt & Pepper Squid or prawns
                                  House Chow Mein
                                  Honey Walnut/Pecan prawns
                                  Beef w/ ginger and green onions
                                  Chicken and snow peas
                                  Crispy whole fried chicken
                                  Roast Duck
                                  Salt & Pepper pork chop
                                  Eggplant in garlic sauce
                                  Steamed greens or ong choy if they have it

                                  1. Depends on the region, but even more it depends on if it's chinese food or chinese american food. If it's chinese american, I often get lo mein or chow fun if they have it, sometimes moo goo gai pan (so pleasantly bland), hot & sour, moo shoo pork...but if it's chinese-chinese, there are so many new things to try, I have no real regular order. Except maybe soup dumplings!! Love me some dumplings, weather it's commonplace fried pork dumplings or somethign more interesting...

                                    1. Kung pao chicken without peanuts, and I pick out the bell peppers--allergic to both, but I don't want to sound too picky when I order. I only get this from a place that uses better quality meat.

                                      Buddha vegetables (with tofu) without shitake mushrooms, from the other place I liked in college and still live near. No one else gets the garlicky sauce right, though. Everyone else seems to use a sauce that they can only describe as "brown".

                                      1. General Tsaos Chicken
                                        Szechuwan Combination (shrimp,beef,bbq pork,chicken)
                                        Beef Fried Rice
                                        Crab Rangoons
                                        Shrimp Egg Rolls