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Aug 29, 2006 11:47 PM

RIDDLE- searching high and low

upon travels to the uk back in late 05, I discovered a tasty little white is riddle it is an Australian wine...I have searched online and at numerous markets domestic and internation, and cannot come across a bottle of this wine. Online I discovered this wine can be delivered only to the uk. Is there anyone who may haev some info where I am able to purchase a bottle or box:)?

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  1. Shanda013, are you saying that the producer is "Riddle?" Google didn't yield anything by that name as a winery. Do you know the varietal(s)? From Australia, Chardonnay, Semilion and Sauvignon Blanc are the most likely candidates, though some Viognier is also being produced for export, as well. The Australians also do some nice blends, primarily of the above varietals. Many other white varietals are basically produced for local consumption.

    You might check out the sites for Berry Bros & Rudd,, in UK. They are a retailer of some importance. Another possible source would be Odd Bins,, though neither scored any hits on "Riddle."

    The UK gets quite a few OZ wines that do not make it to the US, or other markets, or if they do, are re-labled.

    Good luck,

    1. I enjoy these searches. From a little bit of Googling it seems that "Riddle" is the name of a wine produced by Hardy's, the Australian wine company that is now part of Constellation Brands (the world's largest winery owner). The Hardy's brand is sold in the US, but every internet listing for the 'Riddle' label seems to be in the UK, including on I'd guess it is not available here in the US.

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        thanks! I know every search comes up empty for obtaining here in the states...well maybe one day.

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          There's plenty of Hardy's available in the U.S., just not the Riddle brand. Here's what I would suggest. Send an email to them, tell them which wine(s) you liked, and ask them to recommend the closest match among their U.S. brands. It's entirely possible that the exact same wine is sold here, just under a different label. Here's the U.S. distributor info: