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Aug 29, 2006 11:20 PM

Saturday night dinner in Old City

I'm a New York Chowhounder who is frequently in Philadelphia on business for a Saturday night, staying in Old City without a car. I've tried Buddakan, which I liked but found just a bit too self-conscious and trendy for its own good. I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations in the $30 per person (without drinks) ballpark.

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  1. You are very close to some very good byob places -- which do not have the slick ambiance of buddakan, but have very good food.

    Raddichio -- 4th and Wood.(close to Vine) -- Italian, do not take reservations, byo

    kabul -- 2nd and chestnut -- afghani, byo.

    mandoline -- 2nd and chestnut -- american cuisine, byo

    You can eat like a king for $30 pp at each of these places

    Some other restaurants in the area which others will surely pipe up about, but I have (unfortunately) not tried so cannot speak to:

    Amada -- 2nd and chestnut -- spanish tapas, full bar available.

    Tangerine -- 2nd and market -- another stephen starr restaurant, moroccan.

    In other news, you are a short cab ride from practically any place in center city or the northern liberties.

    1. We are always happy at Seranno, the restaurant below Tin Angel. They have an ecclectic menu of well prepared dishes, a very warm relaxed atmosphere and the meze is very pleasant way to begin your meal.

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        1. on a particularly nice night, i'd go to Positano Coast @ 2nd and Walnut for some delicious "crudo" (italian marinated fish, shrimp etc...delicious) and some nice wines, and a cheap (but small) bowl of linguine with clams.

          I'd only go to Serrano to say hi to the folks there and be friendly with your other drinkers at the bar -not to eat.

          If I was feeling asian-y and not quite like going to Chinatown, i'd go to Anjou on Market tween 2 and 3 for their udon. Like the whole place or not, their udon is unique and satisfying. Drinks are tasty.

          And lastly, I'd got to Tangerine, still Starr-full-of-itself but has great great great whole grilled fish

          1. Chloe, at 232 Arch, is very good. BYO. They don't take reservations, however, so best to be there before 6:30.