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Aug 29, 2006 11:02 PM

Haloumi/Halloumi Cheese -- Where can I find it?

Anyone know where in Manhattan or slightly outside of it (willing to travel by MTA) I can buy Halloumi (spelling) cheese?

Need me some Halloumi!

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  1. to make yourself, kalustyan's on lexington at 28th st.
    in brooklyn, sahadi's (on atlantic ave) has the same stuff but cheaper.

    prepared as an appetizer, cafe mogador (st mark's place, between 1st and A), served with some pita, zaatar and grilled vegetables.

    1. TITAN FOODS, 25-56 31st Str., Astoria, NY, (718) 626-7771

      MEDITERRANEAN FOODS, 30-12 34th Str., Astoria, NY, (718) 728-6166 or 23-18 31st Str., Astoria, NY, (718) 721-0221

      1. Um, don't laugh, but they have it at Costco if you're near one. It's so good fried, or in a grilled cheese on thick bread!

        1. Murray's, at both locations- Grand Central Terminal Market and the store on Bleeker St.

          1. Fairway has it; you might check Whole Foods as well.