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Aug 29, 2006 11:01 PM

Underberg Bitters in the Boston area

Has anyone seen Underberg Bitters in the Boston area?

Underberg is an amazing digestive I have seen in CA and NY, just wondering if they are sold in MA.

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  1. I have seen them at both DeLuca's stores, Charles St. and Newbury St., along with a number of other places.

    1. It's from South Africa, with a strong clove flavor. Having sampled it in Durban, I looked for it for a long time here, and stockpiled a bunch of it when I finally found it. I still have a few of those little bottles (about 2 oz each) left. I'm not certain, but I think I found them at either the Winecellar of Selene or Gordon's in Waltham.

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        On further review, it turns out that while I may have discovered it for myself in South Africa, Underberg is in fact made in Rheinberg, Germany. Look for little 20ml bottles wrapped in brown paper with a green stripe on the label. The label copy reads, "After a good meal to feel bright and alert"; at 88 proof, you may feel that way, but don't believe it.

      2. I know all about Underberg... just can't find them around town!

        I will let you know if I find them anywhere. I like them because they are like a travel version of Fernet Branca.

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          Sorry, I do drone on at times. I will keep my eyes peeled, too, and report if I spot any in the city.

        2. I believe I've seen what you're talking about at Marty's Liquors in Newton (alongside the checkout aisle!) but I would call ahead to make sure they do stock it before you make a trip.

          1. I am topping this to see if anyone has seen these around as of late. Found some a while back, but can't find them now.

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              I'm thinking Brix would special-order these for you.