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Underberg Bitters in the Boston area

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Has anyone seen Underberg Bitters in the Boston area?

Underberg is an amazing digestive I have seen in CA and NY, just wondering if they are sold in MA.

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  1. I have seen them at both DeLuca's stores, Charles St. and Newbury St., along with a number of other places.

    1. It's from South Africa, with a strong clove flavor. Having sampled it in Durban, I looked for it for a long time here, and stockpiled a bunch of it when I finally found it. I still have a few of those little bottles (about 2 oz each) left. I'm not certain, but I think I found them at either the Winecellar of Selene or Gordon's in Waltham.

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        On further review, it turns out that while I may have discovered it for myself in South Africa, Underberg is in fact made in Rheinberg, Germany. Look for little 20ml bottles wrapped in brown paper with a green stripe on the label. The label copy reads, "After a good meal to feel bright and alert"; at 88 proof, you may feel that way, but don't believe it.

      2. I know all about Underberg... just can't find them around town!

        I will let you know if I find them anywhere. I like them because they are like a travel version of Fernet Branca.

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          Sorry, I do drone on at times. I will keep my eyes peeled, too, and report if I spot any in the city.

        2. I believe I've seen what you're talking about at Marty's Liquors in Newton (alongside the checkout aisle!) but I would call ahead to make sure they do stock it before you make a trip.

          1. I am topping this to see if anyone has seen these around as of late. Found some a while back, but can't find them now.

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              I'm thinking Brix would special-order these for you.

            2. Seen them here in Concord at the West Concord Supermarket. Nice funky old family run independent store, with something like 100 mustards and lots of rare stuff from England.