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Aug 29, 2006 10:34 PM

recs needed near Disneyland + West Hollywood or Beverly Hills

I have some friends coming to town from Colorado and they would like to meet for dinner. I refuse to go to Downtown Disney but don't want them to drive very far to meet me. What's a reasonably good dinner restaurant ($25 or under)? There's a vegetarian in the group so there should be something for her (I was looking longingly at Jagerhaus but it sounds too meaty).

Also, on another night, we're going to either West Hollywood or Beverly Hills. I am somewhat doubtful of finding a restaurant under $25 a person in BH but any suggestions? The places I narrowed down are:

Bin 8945


Thank you!

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  1. Grace is not in Beverly Hills, and it usually runs around $50-80 per person, so it doesn't sound like it would work out. Bin 8945 sounds ok because it's easier to control the ordering system with small plates, although wine bars usually end up costing me about $40 each. $25 is pretty low these days -- if I seriously wanted to only spend that much I would probably go to someplace like Newsroom Cafe, Tuk Tuk, Magic Carpet or Mishima. Or I'd do drinks and happy hour appetizers at Nic's in Beverly Hills.

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      $25/person was what they told me and I already told them it wasn't really realistic at cities they wanted to go to. But I threw out those suggestions because that's where I'd like to go (does Grace still have a doughnut night on Wednesdays?).

      Thanks for the other suggestions. They are helpful.

    2. Kinda close to Disneyland is Park Avenue Dining in Stanton.

      Here's a review of mine with pics:

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          I love Park Ave--killer Grilled Steak Salad, and Spinach Salad, served tableside.

      1. Why do you refuse to go to Downtown Disney? Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen is fine and fits in your price range. Plus they hired some people from Louisiana who were displaced by Katrina.

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          Because I'm driving from downtown LA and don't particularly want to deal with cranky tourists, bad service and bad food after battling traffic on a weekday.

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            OIC. Would not have known from your original post. But Disney tourists are not generally cranky, service there is not bad, and considering food-near-Disnyeland, it's not bad stuff. It's just the drive that'll kill you.

        2. For decent Chinese, there's TEN TEN SEAFOOD (Chinese) off the 5 @ Euclid in Anaheim.

          For healthy, homey, vegetarian style menu (they also have meat-dishes) there's RUTABEGORZ ( in Fullerton.

          Other quick recommendations in the area would be ZOV'S BISTRO ( in Tustin.

          1. Since you were looking lovingly at Jagerhaus I suggest you put it back on the short list as it would EASY to accomadate a Vegatarian. It definately works budgetwise.

            Example - On the menu they have a Steamed Vegatable Plate and 16 sides all, or almost all, of which are meat free. Plus a few apps.


            You should be able to eat at a Persian restaurant like Shaherzad on Westwood Blvd. for $25 per person.