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What is the best Italian restaurant in Brentwood?

I've read about a place from two brothers from Abruzzo in Brentwood that's supposed to be the next great authentic Italian, anyone hear this too?

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  1. You are referring to Pecorino, which is owned by two Italian men, one of whom is brother to the chef (the two are from Abruzzo). Here is some more info: http://www.calendarlive.com/dining/10...

    The food is good; nothing for me to write home about. Fried zucchini flower, etc. -- I suppose someone who understands the detailed differences in Italian cuisine would appreciate it more. Great peach cobbler-like dessert though. Service is also very friendly.

    1. The Best Italian Food in Brentwood is PALMERI. Solid Duck Crepe, Short Rib, Pasta's and best Cannoli anywhere!

      1. we LOVE Osteria Latini on San Vicente...

        delicious, fresh, nice service

        1. I think the best high end Italian in Brentwood is Vincenti--it is where Angelini used to cook before creating his Osteria and La Terza and is still excellent. For more moderate, I like Divino and Pizzicotto better than Osteria Latini, Palmeri, Pecorino or the other new one, Sor Tino. Of those last four, though, Pecorino is serving the most interesting food--you won't find a lot of the standards on its menu.

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            yep! i love vincenti....palmeri is damn good as well.

          2. Does anyone eat at Peppone anymore? DH was just asking me if it was still in business. I assume it is? That used to be an Italian standard in Brentwood.

            1. peppone has a great ceasar, but i'm not a huge fan of the place. in my opinion, Toscana is the best, no contest.

              1. Cafe Divino, Palmeri, Osteria Latini. Vincenti's if price is not an issue can be spectacular. I hear their Monday pizza nights is something to try.

                1. wow. the best italian restaurant in bwood? italian food on san vicente is a commodity - i don't believe there is one restaurant in the area that truly stands out, so the best is going to vary by individual's experiences.


                  i trust russkar's taste, but have to add that my meal at PALMERI was only decent. swordfish was dry. salad looked wilted, though it tasted okay. that would all be fine, except that it was too expensive to only have "decent" food. (sorry russ ;) )

                  OSTERIA LATINI is my favorite - comfortably casual, yet "nice." in my experience, the food has always been great.

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                    And yet the most enjoyable might not even be on San Vicente, meaning Divino on Barrington Court to the west of Starbucks near Sunset. A truly different yet wonderful experience.

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                      i call that experience a rip-off. no thanks. all the others are better than divino

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                        Food at Divino is good, however the service leaves a lot to be desired...even rude Busboys there. Just leaves one with a sour experience overall.

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                          I like the food at Divino but the room is so uncomfortable and it's a fortune. We tried it twice and that was it.

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                            I never understood the draw of Divino. The food is just okay and the service is rude. The food seems to taste the same at all the Brentwood Italian restaurants. I would leave Brentwood and head to Via Veneto in Santa Monica.

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                            I don't know what is so "different" about Divino. I've eaten there a dozen times and the menu is pretty standard for high-end Italian. Maybe you are talking about the people who work there. Goren, the owner, is a phony or a snob, I'm not sure. The waitstaff are not likeable, and the room is stuffy and loud. No one cracks a smile, they are way too serious. When we choose to have dinner there we go for the food. The atmosphere is strange. These guys aren't Italian, they are Serbian and bring with them all the Balkan European baggage with them. The food is excellent, so we eat there and ignore the weirdos roaming the room. Osteria Latini is a better all around experience and the prices are more reasonable. Toscana is also very good and the vibe is much happier than at Divino.

                        2. 110% OSTERIA LATINI...it really is wonderful. The food is fresh and delicious, the service is great, and it all comes complete with a very "homey" or "neighborhood-y" feel. This is the restaurant that serves dishes most like what I've experienced in Italy in the past. Go!

                          1. I LOVE Osteria Latini. Divino is also good

                            1. Like "new trial" mentioned, Pecorino's menu is much more unique and interesting than the majority of Italian menus around town and their food is definitely worth writing home about. For more casual fare, I like Pizzicotto.

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                                yeah-latini and pecorino are good and perhaps more reasonable than Toscana, but Toscana really is superior.