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Aug 29, 2006 10:02 PM

What is the best Italian restaurant in Brentwood?

I've read about a place from two brothers from Abruzzo in Brentwood that's supposed to be the next great authentic Italian, anyone hear this too?

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  1. You are referring to Pecorino, which is owned by two Italian men, one of whom is brother to the chef (the two are from Abruzzo). Here is some more info:

    The food is good; nothing for me to write home about. Fried zucchini flower, etc. -- I suppose someone who understands the detailed differences in Italian cuisine would appreciate it more. Great peach cobbler-like dessert though. Service is also very friendly.

    1. The Best Italian Food in Brentwood is PALMERI. Solid Duck Crepe, Short Rib, Pasta's and best Cannoli anywhere!

      1. we LOVE Osteria Latini on San Vicente...

        delicious, fresh, nice service

        1. I think the best high end Italian in Brentwood is Vincenti--it is where Angelini used to cook before creating his Osteria and La Terza and is still excellent. For more moderate, I like Divino and Pizzicotto better than Osteria Latini, Palmeri, Pecorino or the other new one, Sor Tino. Of those last four, though, Pecorino is serving the most interesting food--you won't find a lot of the standards on its menu.

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            yep! i love vincenti....palmeri is damn good as well.

          2. Does anyone eat at Peppone anymore? DH was just asking me if it was still in business. I assume it is? That used to be an Italian standard in Brentwood.