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Aug 29, 2006 09:52 PM

Canning supplies in SF?

Hi I'm looking for lids to go with my jars, so I can make jams with all the wonderful fruits right now. I have the jars but need the lids. I'm NOT looking for masson jar lids but the type that is a single piece (not sure what they are called). I'm willing to travel within thirty minutes of SF. I only need a few dozen so California Glass Co. in Alameda is out of the question (too bad). Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Have you tried Hardware stores like Ace? All those little independant hardware stores should have them too. Just call the nearsest hardward store and ask. They almost all carry them.

    BTW, if you ever see those rubber rings for the old type of mason jars, PLEASE post. They are not considered safe and I'm having hard time finding them. For those, I'm not using them to can, but for some glass cannisters.

    1. Yes, a good old fashion hardware would carry that sort of stuff. I'd try calling Cole's or Fox (owned by Cole's?). If they don't have it, you might call Pasttime Hardware in El Cerrito or try East Bay Restaurant supply.

      So...what kinds of jams? Peach?

      1. Rainbow has a variety of canning supplies

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          Ah Rainbow! Where you can see funky pre-dot com SF. I go there when I miss the old days. Always makes me smile even with the sometimes rude checkers.

        2. Do you know if Rainbow sells the canning caps, which is what I think the OP is looking for:

          Most grocery stores carry the Kerr mason jar lids with bands.

          I didn't suggest Safeway for that reason. Some times, at some stores, Target sells them, but it depends on how suburban the store is and the time of the year, so I don't think they will be a help here.

          The other are harder to find. There is no reason I should know anything about canning ... oh yeah, brandied cherries.

          1. Are you seeking a one piece metal top like that on top of the glass jars of spaghetti sauce? I looked around for this type of lid a couple of years back and could never find any made by Ball or Kerr. I just looked online at and they didn't list any single piece canning lids, except some plastic screw-on ones. link:

            Good luck in your search and if you find them, please, post where!