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Aug 29, 2006 09:52 PM

distillery district

Want to take my family to the distillery district for dinner, any thoughts on Boiler House, Pure Spirits, or Archeo any advice would be helpful!! thanks

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  1. Hated Pure Spirits - terrible service, food totally lacking in almost anything. The Boiler House has better service and great martinis. The food wasn't good but okay. Good live jazz. Never been to Archeo and not planning on it - that space has already been 3-4 different restaurants in teh short time that the distillery has had restaurants.

    1. I went to Archeo for lunch with my mom a few months ago. All in all, I'd say it was passable, but nothing special. We shared the smoked salmon with greens and a pizza. The salad was decent. Nice arugula and smoked salmon, although my mom found the asparagus to be too charred (it didn't bother me, but it was quite black). The pizza was disappointing. It was supposed to have smoked chicken, gorgonzola and red peppers on it (if I recall correctly). The chicken didn't taste smoked at all; it was quite bland. Also, there was too much cheese; it seems impossible for there to be too much cheese, but it was such a thick layer that kind of congealed as we ate. And it definitely lacked any blue cheese flavour. I didn't see any blue parts, either.

      I've been to the Boiler House, and I'd have to say that I'd rather go back there than back to Archeo. Although, the Boiler House is more expensive (I think). Wherever you go in the distillery district, just don't expect anything particularly special and you'll be ok.

      1. If you're heading to the Distillery District- skip the regular haunts and head over to Perigee for dinner. Chef Pat Reilly has serious talent and his food won't disappoint.

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          Perigee might be a problem if "family" includes younger children or picky eaters of any age.

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            Not to mention very, very expensive.

        2. I have been to Pure Spirits once a few weeks ago and another time a year ago and both times were meridocure bordering on disgust.

          Service is inattentive or unprofessional while dishes take an inordinately long time to arrive. Their food while mostly acceptable is overpriced compounded by the focus on seafood for what amounts to Milestones in better settings.

          It's one of those annoying places where if I'm with a group or already there I'm not going vehemently object due to lack of alternatives but know is going to be expensive and subpar.

          I also like the atmosphere and decor a little better at The Boiler House. All the menus are avail