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Aug 29, 2006 09:49 PM

union square (Somerville) late?

What's the best non-Korean place to eat in Union Square in Somerville that is open after 9:30 pm? I am assuming that it'll be one of the two taquerias or maybe the Brazilian place at the corner of Somerville Ave & School St (across from the Market Basket) - I'd appreciate it if anyone has any recommendations for any of these places. (My Union Sq dining experiences have been pretty much limited to the Hometown, which is why I'm excluding the Koreans.) Other recommendations also welcome - I'll be ravenous.

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  1. The Independent might still be serving food. Pretty good pub grub.

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      Independent definitely has a later menu. Toast has some small plates but have no idea how their food is. Would Machu Picco (sp) still be open? Depends which day of the week too I think. The Thai place by Independent might be open too.

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        Indo has a late-nite menu of sandwiches and appetizers that is very solid--and their full menu might still be available at 9:30, depending on the night. Don't thnk Toast does food anymore, and Machu Pichu (again, sp?) is in process of moving to the old Lino's space (altho original MP looked open this weekend). Indian place next to MP is very good (they seem to have fixed the snarling, patron-mocking service issue), but not sure about their hours.

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          Toast has food, but it looks pretty gross.

    2. You might pop into the Tir Na Nog to see if they are still serving. I think their burgers and fries are pretty darn tasty. Just don't know how late they go. Please let me know if you find out.

      There's also a somewhat generic Chinese place on the same side of the Ave as TNN - I think it's called "New Asia" - I think they advertise as being open to 11 weeknights, although there is almost no one inside whenever I drop by for take-out. It's fairly standard Sino-American fare, but pretty fresh. Their General Gao's is of decent quality and actually orangey AND spicy if requested.

      1. Tir Na Nog's kitchen is open until 10. I seem to recall them having good food. The bar is of course open later so I doubt you will be rushed if you get your order in in time.

        1. The Brazilian place is Sabor do Brasil and it mostly focuses on delivery food. When it opened I had an excellent dobradinho (tripe and white beans) which often is poorly done by restaurants, but after that the food quality slipped -- unseasoned steak, etc. There are better options and I haven't ordered from them in ages. I believe they are open until at least 10pm, but if you sat down at 9:30 you might end up being rushed. I know its a bit late for this trip, but a better option for late night dining is Cafe Belo's "Sugar Bar." Their normal food isn't that good, but they have decent "portions" available there and if you are driving its just past McGrath on Washington St. They have live music every night of the week, but its not a nightclub environment and they keep the karaoke in the regular dining room.

          Samba Bar further down Somerville Ave near Porter also has some good portions and soups, but Wednesday - Sunday is a nightclub environment at that hour. Go Monday or Tuesday or before 9pm.

          I am pretty certain that Taqueria la mexicana closes earlier, as does J+J's Portuguese. The other Central American restaurant in the former Brazilian cafe space I don't know about. There are taquerias on Broadway that stay open much later.