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Aug 29, 2006 09:48 PM

near or in Fort Lauderdale seeking non-resort food

I'll be staying at the Bonaventure Resort and Conference Center outside of Fort Lauderdale in Weston.
Any suggestions for a good dinner off the property in that area or in Fort Lauderdale (seafood, asian influence, electic, mid to high prices)? We'll have to get a taxi I suppose.

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  1. There is an East City Grill in Weston - I have not eaten at that one, but have eaten at restaurants owned by the same people, which have always been good. Also there is an Italian restaurant by the name of Tarentella in Weston - not fancy, not fabulous, but decent Southern Italian. Ft. Lauderdale is not such a close taxi ride from Weston so I don't know how much a taxi would cost, but think it might be high so I have stuck to Weston.

    1. IMHO, the BEST Italian restaurant in Weston is the Piazza Bienvenuto on Glades Circle in northwest corner of town. It's tucked in behind a Publix in a nondescript strip mall and worth every bit of the trouble to find it. EVERYTHING is good there and everyone I know now takes the trouble to drive there from where ever they are in the Fort Lauderdale area.

      If you like Indian, the finest around is The Palace (in another strip mall, go figure) on State Road 84 just west of Hiatus. A good taxi driver could get you there in 10 minutes from Bonaventure. Tell them it's next to the 84 Diner.

      For Indonesian food (Pan-Asian really) just five minutes from Bonaventure, get yourself to Parc 28 (yet another strip mall.. I know...) on Weston Road and Indian Trace in the Country Isles Plaza. Try the Ayam Rendang or Beef Rendang (meat stewed in coconut curry).

      Those three restaurants are my favorites in this area.

      1. If you are going to go out for one dinner, make it the East City Grill. Outstanding food by Chef Oliver Saucey. Not cheap, but you won't be disappointed.

        Its website: