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Greek in Calgary

Any recommendations for good greek food in Calgary? A nice authentic family run place with some character? I've heard Santorini's, anyone been there?

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    1. Pegasus!

      I wish I knew how they make their pita. I think they must have some egg to make them lighter.

      1. Pegasus for sure!!!

        Address: Corner of 14th St and 11 Ave SW
        Phone # 229-1231

        TO Anyone that is thinking of putting "The Broken Plate"....
        Re-read the OP! The OP'r is looking for, specifically

        Family-Run .... Not a chain
        Character .... Not a place that feels like Earl's gone greek

        I do like the food at Broken Plate, especially the desserts, but IMO, it's not what the OP'R is looking for.

        1. I'd suggest Mannie's (907 - 17 Ave SW). I'm not sure about the ambience of their new location but the food is excellent, and totally authentic.

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            Is this the location that used to be Athens By Night? We had a business on 17th ave and knew the fellow who opened up Athens By Night. The food was good and it was personally run. This is a few years ago though.

            1. re: sharonanne

              No, Manie's is next to the construction zone that was Mt. Royal Block, on 17th Avenue between 7th Street and 8th street. It's next to Buon Jorno's

              Athens by Night became a nightclub/pizza parlor (Grey Goose and Western Pizza), which shut down a while ago, and is now a new business under construction.

              1. re: yen

                Western Pizza has taken the whole space over (grey goose was its attempt at a regina-style upscale bar, which went kaput, wonder why), knocked the wall down, and it looks like it'll try to emulate the boston pizza across the street.

                Manies was way back on 4th Street if anybody recalls...

          2. John:

            LOL...What the heck is a "regina-style upscale bar"?

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              a little dig at Western Pizza- when they opened in Calgary, all these folks from SK (it's based in Regina) talked about it like it was the second coming (and it's not bad); they opened on 17th Ave and I guess decided to split the space into a family pizza joint and a martini bar, but I never saw people in the martini bar...

              1. re: John Manzo

                The Grey Goose shut down because of a shooting that occurred there a few months ago.

                1. re: Shazam

                  it closed FOLLOWING a shooting. Plenty of places stay open after such incidents. And I am pretty sure that it closed because nobody was ever in the place.

                  1. re: John Manzo

                    Hmm, I though I did see it occasionally busy when I used to live there.

                    A shooting pretty much guarantees death for a night club, even if they're popular.

                    No matter, I'm sure it sucked anyhow.

                    1. re: Shazam

                      Actually, it wasnt bad. Food was decent, but the alcohol was overpriced as most establishments on 17th are.

                      The problem was they tried to execute the tried and true 17th Avenue formula without the right location or staff (think Melrose, Classic Jacks, Yardhouse, 1410, etc...).

                      1. re: yen

                        So the girls wore tops there eh? :)

            2. Thanks for the tip on Pegasas, I went for lunch and tried the lamb pita. Wow, the pita is amazing. I'm told the doe is brushed with oil and baked in an oven. Good thing the pita was so tasty, the lamb itself was kind of bland, I would do chicken if I were to go again.

              I too would like to know what 'regina-style' is....

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              1. re: grubiluv

                I'm sorry, but Pagasus is just wrong...and I've had loads of Greek food including years of visiting Greece. The 'Pita' was bizarre yorkshire pudding batter in triangles and the meatballs were very thick, heavy, chewy and almost pasty constituency and nothing like the meatballs I've had in Greece or anywhere else. Mannie's is the only other Greek we've been to and infinitely better. Sorry. Service and everything else was lovely at Pegasus, and I feel bad writing this, but food was just plain bizarre.

                1. re: greenboy

                  Although I've only been to Greece once I'll agree the pita in particular isn't typical but I do enjoy it. The dips are a little more authentic or at least are delicious. I go with appetizers when we eat there.

                  1. re: sharonanne

                    Absolutely agree, the pita is totally different from stuff you can buy, but it's great, especially when it's fresh and hot. I go there all the time and my favourite is the appetizer platter, at $25 more than enough food for the 2 of us. I've tried other places (Santorini, Mykonos, Broken Plate) but I always go back to Pegasus. I don't know why others say the lamb is bland, I've always found it to be great, but I usually have the chops (brizoles -sp?).

                  2. re: greenboy

                    I've only had pizza from Manie's, should try the Greek for sure.

                    1. re: greenboy

                      Oh thank goodness someone said it. I thought Pegasus was awful. First the pita was some hard, deep fried, oily mess. I always rate Greek restaurants by how they do their lamb - Pegasus' lamb shoulder was bland and tough. And the BBQ ribs had NO MEAT on them.

                      1. re: alau2

                        Ya know, I got something from the pegasus booth at taste of calgary, and I have to admit, the pita was terrible, but I put it down to being taste of cgy and the quality not being as good as at the resto.

                        1. re: alau2

                          Er, that should've been Greek ribs, not BBQ ribs. Oops.

                      2. re: grubiluv

                        coming from regina, i grew up on western pizza and houston pizza - my friend's dad was one of the owners of western pizza so i've eaten a lot of it in my life. houston pizza is slightly better and now delivers all over north america - which i think is totally worth trying - it's my most favorite pizza ever!!!

                        they both are institutions in saskatchewan, especially regina, both places had locations throughout the province, and considered some of the best pizza anywhere. when i first moved to calgary i was excited to see the western pizza sign - but i'm still not sure if it's coming or going - that place has been in a state for a while. is western pizza gone for good then?

                        when i lived in vancouver, before a saskatchewan/bc football game they had a party for people from saskatchewan that now lived in bc and they brought in western pizza - wow that was a treat!!

                        it's just one of those things....

                      3. I've never had the pita when it was hard even when Waiter's EnRoute delivered waaaay out here. But I'm betting it isn't good when it isn't fresh.

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                        1. re: sharonanne

                          Pegasus Pita is exactly like yorkshire puds..(which I love being a British gal) generally the food is ok, not amazing... I once watched the cook scoop up a finger-full of my Mousaka and enjoy a taste before sending it off to my table! :( yuck.... that was my last trip there. but the newest Greek discovery I have made in Calgary is the Parthanon on Heritage Dr SE they simple have THE BEST hummus i have ever tasted! I have a second Greek suggestion, and that is the Greek gas station (unsure of the name) on 17 ave and about 30 st SW.... yes it is gas station food.. but the place is run by a Greek family.. and for food you eat out of styro foam it simply tops the list!

                          1. re: CookieGal

                            I swear there are eggs in Pegasus's pita (say that quickly 5 times!) but they deny it. I would agree that it is more like a Yorkshire pudding.

                            Heritage is a little out of my way but I might have to make a frames run on IKEA soon so I might be tempted.

                            Y'know, Opa! in the Market Mall works for my Greek fix. I have a calamari/Greek salad combo and it works for me, especially if I catch them as they put out a fresh batch of salad. I specify the one in the Market Mall because although I know they are all over the city I am not sure if they vary in quality.

                          2. I'm a big fan of Santorini — though it helps that it's close to home. Very nice food. Take the time to have the taverna special. Probably the best saganaki I've had, and I spent a month in Greece.