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Aug 29, 2006 08:53 PM

Southwest VA Eats...Damascus, Marion, Etc

Making a brief backpacking trip to southwest Virginia and I plan to be stopping in Marion, Sugar Grove, and possibly Damascus...any suggestions for good eats in the area? I don't have terribly high expectations - I did a summer volunteering as a forest ranger and as I recall the highlight of my dining experience was when the local bowling alley owner short-order cooked us some frozen corndogs...

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  1. I see you have been thru Marion before. My wife's family is from there. There is a fairly new mexican rest. on Main St. diag. across from Baptist Church down from Wal Mart. Name this will be close My Puerto. The place was formely as steak house. In downtown Marion on Main St. in what was the old post office there is a McAdoo's. It is a SW Virginia franchise I think that started in Blacksburg. Burgers, Salads, Quesadeas hell I can't spell english much less spanish. Similar to A'bees, Chilli etc. They have real good happy hour prices if your dogs are tired and hurting. I would say dining in Marion has gone from abominabile to now only most of the time you have to go to Wytheville and Abingdon. Oh also on Sunday at the State Park they have a good AYCE Buffet. Good luck on the hike. Are you on the AT? Surely you remember the Dip Dog Stand on the West end of town. Still there killing people slowly.

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      The mexican restaurant is Mi Puerto, I think? I went there last time I was in town, not bad. Thanks!

    2. In Damascus Sicily's has killer garlic rolls and acceptable pizza. Also the Baja Cafe is a trendy little place which has burritos, quesadillas, tacos etc. And free Internet.

      If you can travel another 15 minutes to Abington, your choices are considerably better.There are several upscale places.

      My favorites:(up and down scale)
      Allison's - varied menu good salads, soups etc.
      Wildflour - wonderful bakery that also does sandwiches
      Chick-n-Little - southern breakfasts, lunch, and dinners. Balogna and eggs!!!yum.
      Starving Artist Cafe - I've only been for lunch, pricey sandwiches

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        Sicily's was there last time I was...I agree, rolls are good and pizza isn't bad. Haven't seen the other place, though I went to the Mill place and thought it was OK but expensive for the area. I'll investigate the places in Abingdon...may check out a play there too, the Barter Theatre is always good fun.

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          Across the street from the Barter is a cafe with outdoor seating. It's a nice place to spend an hour or so.I had a great grilled eggplant sandwich there.

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