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Aug 29, 2006 08:37 PM

Favorite Breakfast in Denver?

Would be forever grateful to know Denver hounds' favorite breakfast haunts -- everything from great hash houses to high brunch. Thanks!

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  1. For breakfast I like:
    Breakfast King, Lucilles, Dozens, and Petes.
    For weekend brunch:
    Le Central
    Dazzle (ok food but good buffet value for $15.00 and live jazz)

    1. Lucile's is always top notch. sometimes I adore Le Peep's skillet dishes. They have one that has eggs stirred with cheese and ham, served with tomatillo salsa, sour cream, and avocado. Gee, whiz is that good. (And I don't usually like sour cream.)

      1. My favorite breakfast place is on 44th Ave between Kipling and Sheridan. Greasy spoon that makes everything fresh in the kitchen, and has perfect basted eggs every time I've been. The chicken fried steak and eggs is excellent. Look for a yellow sign on the south side of 44th, that's it.

        Colfax has a couple of places with 'character' and great food...Pete's Kitchen and Tom's(?) Diner are a load of fun if you get there ~3am.

        Egg and I off 16th and Market? is a solid morning after place for pancakes, eggs, and meat....but the potatoes are always bad.

        PLEASE....give a short like it or didn't with your opinion(stronger the better on opinions!) after your eats here.

        1. Thanks for all the guidance -- will report back after we try these places (though it may take some time). Much obliged, Kickshaw

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            The best benedict in Denver is found at the Bull & Bush. Their weekend brunch is simple but fantastic.

            If you are feeling liberal and near downtown, on the weekends the Petticoat Brunch at Bump & Grind is a riot. Food is great (try the stratas), just be sure to go with an open mind.