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Aug 29, 2006 08:07 PM

venue for a chinese banquet in SD

I'm looking for a chinese restaurant venue that can hold a banquet for approx 150-200 people. So far the only two places I know of are Jasmine and Emerald. Is there other posibilities that you guys know of in San Diego?

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  1. Pearl in Rancho Bernardo is the sister to Emerald. That might be another option.

    1. You might want to check out Kings Garden in the Sorrento Mesa area. This place has a dance floor and can expand in increments to hold a LOT of people. Most of the time it's a low-priced, high-volume, quick-lunch-special joint that caters to all of us techno-geek workers on the mesa. I've eaten there on Saturdays, however, when most of the place was closed off for a large banquet, and I saw *amazing* things coming out of the kitchen and being carried to the wedding guests in the next room. You can bet that they weren't eating kung pao chicken. Good luck.
      . . . jim strain in san diego.

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        Sounds interesting. How's the regular menu? What's the atmosphere like? Details, man, details.

      2. Lee's Garden at 54th and University hosts huge weddings--the restaurant shuts down for the parties.

        Caveat: I've only eaten in the restaurant, and not for quite some time.

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          My wife and I ate there a few months ago, after Kirk wandered into the place and wrote a review (search

          As he also noted, the prices were quite low, and the service was surprisingly good. We noticed a couple of large groups there for birthday parties that night, and there were a few roast ducks at the front of the place. The food was a good value; one of the other options mentioned may be better quality.

        2. Thank you all so much for your suggestions.