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Aug 29, 2006 07:45 PM

pre-packaged sushi

i used to love mitsuwa japanese market's pre-packaged sushi (rated best pre-packaged in la) but i recently had famima!!'s pre-packaged and it tastes a lot better (but a little more expensive). famima's also has a higher fish to rice ratio.

trader joe's pre-packaged sushi - ICK! how can they call that sushi?

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  1. I agree with you on Trader Joe's sushi, it is gross. And can someone please tell them that their "california rolls" have nothing but crab in them.

    Haven't had sushi at the other two places mentioned, but I think I will try them.

    1. I agree on Trader Joe's! Here's the results of another thread we did analyzing this subject. If you can't get to a Japanese market, Bristol Farms is pretty good.

      1. Agreed, the pasty glue at TJ's is horrible! It's made by Okami, which is also sold in bigger packages at Costco.

        To bring things back on topic, I find the stuff at Wholesome Choice (Irvine) pretty good for supermarket sushi.

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            On Culver at Michelson, just south of the 405

            Will echo others' opinions that Mitsuwa makes a decent convenience sushi.

        1. The only prepackaged "sushi" that I truly enjoy is the spicy tuna rolls and california rolls from Fish King in Glendale.

          1. I tried the pre-packaged sushi from Mitsuwa on Centinela for the first time today. I had battera-style saba, and spicy tuna cut roll. Not impressed in the slightest, most likely wouldn't repeat these items. The battera at Nijiya on Sawtelle blows Mitsuwa's away in terms of the quality of the mackarel, and both Bristol Farms and Gelsons have much tastier spicy tuna. Live and learn.