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Aug 29, 2006 07:38 PM

Chinese, lower midtown to downtown

Number one son is turning 15 and he has requested a decent Chinese meal (originally from SF, now residing in the land of the white people to the north -- CT shoreline -- where high cuisine is often fried clams). Moderate to upscale would be nice (we're trying to civilize them, so shirts with colors and all that while dining out) but not too stuffy.

He's not crazy about seafood, or we'd go to Ping's. His little brother will eat anything, though, so as long as there are non-seafood items on the menu it works for us.

Thank you for your time and trouble.

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  1. Maybe Chin Chin - I think on 43rd St. - East Side.

    1. Try Sun Dynasty in midtown. They use to have this honey ham dish that was pretty good, but don't know if they have it anymore.


        1. For certain, Wu Liang Ye on Lexington in the 30s. Or the branch near Rock Center if you care to go that far uptown. Casual but not dumpy.

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            Pretty sure you mean the Wu Liang Ye on 48th St. between 5th & 6th Aves. They also have a branch on 86th St. Certainly a good option to consider.

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              There is also a Wu Yiang Le on Lexington in the 30s...I have not eaten there; my favorite branch is the one on 86th Street.

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                Its on 39th and Lex. Looks just about the same as the branch on 48th but much smaller. Very good food.

          2. If you like spicy, check out Szechuan Gourmet on 39th Street between 5th & 6th Avenue. Grand Sichuan also gets generally good reviews for the food but poor marks for service. They have a location in St. Marks and one on Lexington, I think between 32nd and 33rd.

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              There are always the Chelsea (24th and 9th) and St. Marks (between 2nd and 3rd) locations.

              And downtown includes Chinatown restaurants like NY Noodletown, New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, and Congee Village (arguably a bit north of Chinatown).

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                Yes, Szechuan Gourmet is good too. I guess it might be considered moderate, but certainly not upscale. Same goes for my reco of Evergreen, which is at 10 East 38th, betw 5th & Mad. Service in both places is not great, they are both quite busy. But really good food, and not chinese-american if you know what I mean.