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Aug 29, 2006 07:35 PM

authentic cheese curds in phoenix area

I recall reading about a shop from Wisconsin that recently opened another one here in the Phoenix area. My wife is from Wisconsin and she brings up cheese curds whenever I bring home a chunk of cheese. Does anybody now about this place or any other where I can satisfy her craving for fresh, squeaky cheese curds? Thank you.

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  1. I think that meat market in Chandler (Von Hassens or something close to that) which is on Alma School about 1/4 mile north of Warner - brings in cheese curds.


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      I've had the cheese curds at Von Hanson's, and I personally wasn't impressed. They didn't have that "squeak" you get when you bit into a fresh cheese curd. Not worth the $5+ I think I paid for each little package.

    2. This doesn't help you today, but I remember an old cheese shop on 12st and Northern that my mom would go to when I was a little girl. They sold cheese curds. She would pick up wheels of Longhorn there - I'll have to ask her the name of the shop.

      A bit of old Phoenix memories....


      1. Bazel is correct - Von Hanson's in Chandler carries them... both white and yellow cheddar variety!

        1. Thank you all for the help. I do remember the cheese shop on Northern too, as I grew up around 7th street and Glendale. But it was so long ago and I don't remember it's name either.

          1. I've seen cheese curds at AJ's, but can't really vouch for their freshness. There's that salty squeakiness you get when you're standing right in the dairy, and I'm not sure how that translates to anything vacuum-sealed.

            A fun junk-food alternative are the deep-fried cheese curds at A&W. For reasons of self-preservation I only get them to share, as who knows what eating a whole carton would do, and saving them for later doesn't really work, they're best when hot and fresh. TMI, but these may be the best PMS food I've ever run across.