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Aug 29, 2006 07:27 PM


First time to Montreal and would like to hit some high points, restaurant-wise. We are staying at the Gault but are completely open to going outside the area for good food. Prefer casual dining rather than 3 hour 5 star evenings but price is not an issue. Atmosphere a plus but stuffy not enjoyable. Like up and coming restaurants but not trendiness over true quality. Made reservations at L'Express but don't know much about it-got a good review elsewhere. Have Wed evening to Sunday morning to experience the food of Montreal. ANy help is appreciated.

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  1. There are lots and lots of threads in the last few weeks for your request.

    You should check out, for dinner:
    -Le Pied de Cochon
    -Joe Beef
    -L'Épicier (could also be done for lunch)

    -Olive & Gourmando
    -Marché Jean-Talon...

    1. Thanks so much. Am reviewing threads now and appreciate your advice. Looking forward to Montreal and some wonderful food...

      1. Another one that will make the list often is : L'atelier ( on st-laurent )

        1. re: Maximilien (because my Safari wont let me reply directly)

          I totally second L'Atelier too...I am a big fan of the place as well!

          1. Can't go wrong with Au pied du Cochon on duluth street