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First time to Montreal and would like to hit some high points, restaurant-wise. We are staying at the Gault but are completely open to going outside the area for good food. Prefer casual dining rather than 3 hour 5 star evenings but price is not an issue. Atmosphere a plus but stuffy not enjoyable. Like up and coming restaurants but not trendiness over true quality. Made reservations at L'Express but don't know much about it-got a good review elsewhere. Have Wed evening to Sunday morning to experience the food of Montreal. ANy help is appreciated.

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  1. There are lots and lots of threads in the last few weeks for your request.

    You should check out, for dinner:
    -Le Pied de Cochon
    -Joe Beef
    -L'Épicier (could also be done for lunch)

    -Olive & Gourmando
    -Marché Jean-Talon...

    1. Thanks so much. Am reviewing threads now and appreciate your advice. Looking forward to Montreal and some wonderful food...

      1. Another one that will make the list often is : L'atelier ( on st-laurent )


        1. re: Maximilien (because my Safari wont let me reply directly)

          I totally second L'Atelier too...I am a big fan of the place as well!

          1. Can't go wrong with Au pied du Cochon on duluth street

              1. re: merbel

                A classic. A place to visit primarily for the scene, the "Paris meets Montreal" feel and the wine list, which is short but often studded with bargain-priced gems. The food is fair to very good and the menu's long in the tooth ("if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is obviously the management's creed). You'll eat as well or better at Cocagne (across the street), Continental (up the street), Leméac (in Outremont), Holder (in Old Montreal) or Au Petit Extra (in the East End) -- not to mention new-wave establishments like Garde-Manger -- but none of them quite has L'Express's cachet.

                1. re: carswell

                  Don't forget to ask for the "Second Hidden" wine list at l'Express !!!

                  1. re: Maximilien

                    Good tip. Maybe it's my wine geekiness showing through but I've never had to ask for it...

              2. I am a big fan of Santangelo's (located at Guy & Sherbrooke) for lunch. Delicious Italian sandwiches with in-house roasted meats and in-house pickled eggplant.

                  1. re: merbel

                    They both have their strength, Lemeac is more about the food ( IMO ), and L'Express about the whole "package" if I can write it.