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Aug 29, 2006 07:15 PM

Where to get nonalcoholic spruce beer in New York City

I have two questions, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me on them: 1) Does anyone know where one would be able to get nonalcoholic spruce beer anywhere in New York City? I've heard that there is a small company in Connecticut, Mistic (not to be confused with the larger fruit beverage company Mystic) that makes a spruce beer, but I'd rather have a beverage that's all spruce rather than doctored with wintergreen oil; and 2) Does anyone know if it's possible to bring in Canada Dry spruce beer from Canada itself to the USA without having to declare it at the Canada/US border? I don't know anything about this now, what with all the new antiterrorist regulations! I tasted Canada Dry spruce beer quite a number of years ago and it's very rwfreshing, with a delicious citrusy taste.

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  1. Beware terrorists bearing gifts of Spruce Beer.

    Right up there on the danger scale with toothpaste on airlines and chewing gum on trains.

    Oh, and of course the latest Al Qaeda conspiracy to deprive gourmands of Foie Gras.


    1. Ya really think there might be a problem importing spruce beer?