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Aug 29, 2006 06:58 PM

Dave Does

Does anyone watch Dave Does on the food network? It is a web base show that has been out for a little while and each episode is about 5-10 minutes long.

I just watched his ‘aphrodisiac' episode and I must say I found him charmingly dorky. I just wonder what his cookbook is like, are his recipes any good or is he just a personality?

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  1. Can't comment on his cookbook recipes, but I have seen both Good Deal and Dave Does as well as several of his previous web show, Eat This. After watching Eat This and Good Deal I dismissed him as just another FN pretty talking head and didn't really hold him in high regard.

    However, he seems to really have loosened up in this new series and they've actually been fun to watch which is what so many FN shows strive for but fail miserably. As for his aphrodisiac episode, I actually found myself laughing out loud @ several moments which I'm pretty sure has never happened before while watching the FN. Lieberboy actually has a personality! He seemed goofy, aloof and funny. His other Dave Does webisodes also exhibited this as well. Finally someone who realizes that just smiling constantly at the camera and waving your hands around doesn't mean you have a personality.