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Aug 29, 2006 06:57 PM

Good Takeout in Dupont

I live on the west side of Dupont Circle and I'm so bored of all the typical take out (Uni, Nooshi, DC Cafe). What else is good? Thanks!

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  1. Teaism; especially the bento boxes.

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    1. re: DC in DC

      Did Teaism last night (though ate there and did not take out) and it was wonderful. The Kalcha bread was delicious, as was my bento box! Thanks for the suggestion.

      1. When I lived in DC I was a sucker for the eggplant parm sandwich at Cafe Luna (17th and P). Choose grilled sourdough. It's not light or healthy, but it's cheap, filling (you could easily just eat half) and tasty in a olive-oily kind of way.

        1. Pizzeria Paradiso! I think they'll do take out ...

          1. When I lived over there, Meiwah was my standard.