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Aug 29, 2006 06:48 PM

French Macaroons

I'm visiting from SF this coming weekend and have heard about the macaroons at Jin Patisserie and Boule. How are those macaroons compared to Laduree (Paris)? Would I be wasting my time going to Jin Patisserie or Boule?

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  1. i actually think the macarons at jin are actually better than lauderee. it's also a wonderful place to have them with tea (although lauderee's trademark tea is hard to beat).

    also, la provence in bh on olympic & la peer has very good and fresh ones.

    but if you're going to eat in...go to jin.

    haven't had them at boule.

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      Wow... I really like the ones at Boule, very crisp shell, almost jelly like cookie inside with DEEP flavors. I adore the myer lemon one.

      I'll have to try Jins soon! :)


      1. Hi there.. I like the macarons (if it is indeed 'macarons' that you're inquiring after) well enough at Boule. In the spirit of full disclosure, I do not have a discerning palate where delicate crumb and subtle/nuanced pastry flavors are concerned. The macarons at Boule certainly look and taste much like the typical versions we tried while in Paris last year. A good half dozen flavors, maybe more. What I really enjoy at Boule are their intensely flavored sorbets and ice cream/gelati. Perhaps less than 10 flavors, but bracing in their namesake's quintessence. The black currant, the chocolate, and the lime basil being a few examples...

        1. I felt the macarons at boule were too sweet for my taste. I too, love boule's ice cream and sorbets.

          1. The ones at La Provence are pretty good, and even better after you consider how inexpensive they are (ESPECIALLY in comparison to others). The ones at Jin are simply the best in LA, in my opinion, and worth the drive.

            Don't waste your money at Boule. The macarons look like the ones at La Duree, but the resemblance is only superficial. The flavors are so "subtle" that they might as well not be present, and the sweetness overwhelms any flavoring that may exist.
            The natural and hazelnut ones at Figaro aren't very good either, but I can't say what the chocolate's like.

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            1. re: PseudoNerd

              I disagree, laduree's macarons can be overly sweet as well. In fact, I think Boule is the closest I've had to eating at L'aduree in terms of texture and overall taste. Some flavors are not traditional but I thought very good, like that gingerbread pear one I had once. Also, I had apple pie which was like eating a small apple pie.

              I haven't been to Jin in a while, but I hope they're letting them sit before selling them these days. Otherwise it's biting into a crisp cookie with some filling which isn't what a macaron is about.

              I haven't tried La Provence.

            2. La Provence beats out Boule. Try the lavender ones. Insanely good.