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Aug 29, 2006 06:17 PM

Empire at Yorkville

Has anyone been to the Empire resto/lounge on Yorkville? I've been volunteered to organize a group lunch for work. (Manager is paying.)

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  1. I've been for dinner once when it first opened and the food was quite nice. I haven't heard any other news of it recently though.

    1. I went last week and had the beef tenderloin with poutine. (Two of my fave dishes in one...*drool*) The tenderloin was most memorable and the poutine was pretty good as well. I was surprised it was so empty for a Friday night though.

      1. I used to work across the street so I've been a few times. It's wildly inconsistent, and a bit on the expensive side. I've had tasty salads there, and I've been served plates I wouldn't have touched if my clients weren't hosting the meal -- slimy lettuce, etc.
        The best restaurant in the neighbourhood is Pangaea, but that can really stretch a budget. I normally went to smaller, cheaper places with no atmosphere and good eats. Cafe Nervosa is an OK pizza place around the corner.