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Aug 29, 2006 06:05 PM

Chinatown food court experience

I went to the food court at Beach and Harrison looking for the banh mi cart, but it was closed today. I went upstairs and tried my luck at Rod Thai, ordered the mango curry chicken for $6. The mangoes, pineapple, rice, and yellow curry sauce were all excellent; the chicken, onion, and green peppers were unremarkable but not bad. The dish was steaming hot and medium spicy. Just right for me but probably not spicy enough for serious heat-seekers.

On the way out I asked to sample a bite of the Chor-Ling Chinese pancake (was too full to eat a whole one, which is huge). Hot and yummy, more like a waffle than a pancake. Next time I'm going to get one of these for breakfast.

The atmosphere in the food court is great, too. Communal tables, ethnically diverse crowd.

Does anyone have any recs for the other places here, especially the Chinese food? Dishes in particular?

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  1. I get the BBQ chicken on fried rice from Swatow reccommended by someone on this board once (Sheila?). It is about a pound of boneless thigh, marinated and deep fried served with greens over excellent fried rice. Easily enough for two and good comfort food. Also, Pacific has a nice salty spicy pork chop on rice.

    1. When it's cold out, and the icy air keeps rushing in there every time the door opens, I love getting the Roast Duck Noodle soup from Pacific. It's really great and a huge bowl, which is an entire meal, is only $4.50.