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Aug 29, 2006 06:01 PM

Cicada-anniversary dinner

Anyone have dinner there recently? The building is certainly spectacular, but how is the food?

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  1. i had lunch there last year. it was expensive and totally forgettable. i don't usually comment on a restaurant unless i've eaten there more than once in the last 6 months, however, i would hate to see you go for an anniversary and be disappointed. maybe take a test drive for lunch.

    if you want to stay downtown and pay that kind of $$$, try patina (which i'm cooling on) or water grill.

    1. It's not too bad for dinner. I had specials there, including a seared scallops with smoked salmon and caviar. Pretty innovative. Starters are good, too. Desserts are decadent, and the owner told me at that time their experimental, artistic chef was out of the country, but was returning come August or September.