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Aug 29, 2006 05:58 PM

sushi in somerville, franklin and rt22 area

CAn anyone suggest the best sushi in this area. Staying at hotel
on Davidson Av in Franklin. Thanks

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  1. Hands down best in your target area is Shumi at 30 Doughty St. in downtown Somerville (tucked away in a commercial building with a photographer and behind a Mexican restaurant). Be sure to try the monkfish liver. (According to an old article in an NJ magazine, Shumi is where Craig Shelton of Ryland Inn goes for sushi, not that that should matter - it's just darn good.)

    Distant second in the area, but an acceptable choice, and a lot more convenient to your hotel is Jo Sho at 120 Cedar Grove in Somerset.

    1. Also in Somerville is Wasabi / Asian Plates, on the main street about a half-block over from the Courthouse.

      They have sushi plus other asian dishes, including some awesome "Wasabi Shu Mai" for an appetizer.

      1. CAn anybody comment on shogun on rt22?

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        1. re: slade

          Shogun is probably only enjoyable to someone who has never eaten real Japanese food. It is, at best, passable.

          1. re: slade

            I'd have to say agree with Ted - Shogun 22 is quite a disappointment. I wouldn't eat there again - the raw fish was of poor quality, and the sushi was haphazardly made. There were flies circling when I was there too.

          2. Shumi is definitely my bet for best sushi around Jersey. It beats most if not all the good places in NY I've been to as well (except for Masa, which I'm waiting to win the lotto for).

            1. I just ate at Jo Sho in Somerset. What a wonderful surprise. This is a GREAT traditional Sushi restaurant that has been in business for 20 years.

              I enjoyed the Burdock Root Tempura - Salmon and Kanpachi

              This definitely is now one of my favorite places in Central NJ