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Aug 29, 2006 05:55 PM

New on Hillhurst - En Sushi and Hollywood Gelato.

I've been noticing lots of people at En Sushi next to Farfalla. It looked busy last night. Can anyone report back on food quality and prices?

Also saw a sign on a storefront a little south of there for a soon-to-be-opened "Hollywood Gelato." Anyone have the scoop (har har)?

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  1. The Gelato place was giving samples at the Los Feliz street fair in June--at the time they said they'd be open in July, but they've obviously missed that deadline. At the time, the samples were yummy--nothing spectacular though.

    1. It's funny, they seemed like a place trying to jump on the band wagon of Pazzo Gelato's success in the neighborhood (they threw up their plastic tarp sign a month after PG opened to sell out crowds). With summer almost over it looks like they really will be Johnny-come-lately's.