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New on Hillhurst - En Sushi and Hollywood Gelato.

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I've been noticing lots of people at En Sushi next to Farfalla. It looked busy last night. Can anyone report back on food quality and prices?

Also saw a sign on a storefront a little south of there for a soon-to-be-opened "Hollywood Gelato." Anyone have the scoop (har har)?

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  1. The Gelato place was giving samples at the Los Feliz street fair in June--at the time they said they'd be open in July, but they've obviously missed that deadline. At the time, the samples were yummy--nothing spectacular though.

    1. It's funny, they seemed like a place trying to jump on the band wagon of Pazzo Gelato's success in the neighborhood (they threw up their plastic tarp sign a month after PG opened to sell out crowds). With summer almost over it looks like they really will be Johnny-come-lately's.