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Aug 29, 2006 05:48 PM

Albany heads-up - Zapp Zapp Noodle House ... Thai sausage, beef jerky ... Issan influence?

I was making a stop at House of Bread (leave me alone. I like them). Next door the Chinese place turned into a Thai restaurant that opened last week.

The official opening is September 7th, I think, but they are unofficially open now. I just ate so I only picked up a take-out menu which seems to have some items that are not usual on most of the Thai menus I’ve seen ... but I am far from a Thai expert.

The owner, a really sweet person, said the menu was still a work in progress and there will probably be other items on the menu. What seemed cool was that in addition to the rote Thai desserts they will also have a “Thai dessert of the day”.

There are currently a dozen noodle soups on the menu. The yen ta po is a soup I haven’t noticed before ... the difference from the normal seafood soup seems to be the noodles which are flat rice noodles. Most of the soups use small rice noodles with some with silver noodles. That’s about all I know on the noodle situation ... what I read on the menu.

I’m wondering with the sausage and the beef jerky if this restaurant has an Issan slant ... which is pretty funny in itself ... without reading Chowhound I wouldn’t even know there was such a thing as Issan food.

Not sure which type of beef jerky it is. For this dish there is only the English name ... Zapp Zapp beef jerky ... deep-fried sliced marinated beef served with spicy sauce and green onion. I am guessing nua dad deaw rather than nua sawan (heh ... a little Google is a dangerous thing).

Lots of roast duck dishes on the menu. The Zapp Zapp special duck is crispy duck served with spinach and plum sauce.

Don’t know if it is the work-in-progress menu or if they don’t carry curries. There are no stop light curries (red, yellow, green) on the menu at this time.

A note on the menu says to indicate the level of spiciness for dishes.

They really did a nice job remodeling the Chinese restaurant. It has a clean, lovely look and with more light.

Located a few doors down from Nizza La Bella if the House of Bread reference isn’t familiar. And stop by House of Bread. They have GENEROUS samples of all their breads and some are very good and most are organic. The owner is so pleasant too.

Anyway, here’ the address of the Thai restaurant ... hours might change as it is new.

Zapp Zapp Noodle House
843 San Pablo Avenue
Albany, Ca 94706

(510) 525-2791

11:30 am – 10 pm daily.

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  1. Thanks for the post...
    Always on the look out for a good bowl of soup noodles. Clay Pot down the street (next to the Mech Bank)had Shanghainese noodles with spicy preserved vegetables which was excellent... they've changed owners (?) recently and nothing there tastes the same.

    1. Actually, it's probably a good sign that this place doesn't dilute its menu with run-of-the-mill curry dishes just because foreigners expect them. In my experience the more specialized the menu, the better, and places that do mostly noodles and little else do a better job with them than generalists. Yes, even the beloved Lotus of Siam is weak in the noodle department and it's pointless to order them there.