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Aug 29, 2006 05:41 PM


Four of us had dinner at Mercato last Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised to get a table right away (around 7:00pm). Didn't expect this on a Saturday night but perhaps it's because it's summer and people are away. The restaurant wasn't empty by any means but people weren't waiting long for tables. We had a wonderful meal with very nice service. We shared a roasted artichoke special and a good antipasto. I had a summer vegtable risotto. Others had chicken, veal and diver scallops. All were terrific. For dessert, we all had the wonderful mascarpone cheesecake. Can't wait to go back. They will take your cell number and call you when your table is ready, if necessary.

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  1. I have reservations for RW. I read some negative things regarding previous RW, but figured I'd try. glad to hear you had a nice experience. they do still have some open reservations if anyone is interested (as of yesterday).

    1. Thanks. We were there for the last RW and had a good experience. Our experience this past Saturday was more relaxed but we were very late to our RW reservation, hence the rush. They were very considerate under the circumstances. In general, though, I believe restaurants are not at their best during RW. Still, the meal was excellent. The only reason we didn't come back sooner was the no reservations policy. Turned out not to be as big a problem as I'd anticipated. BTW, they are willing to take your cell number and call you when a table is available.