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Aug 29, 2006 05:37 PM


I spent a memmorable few days in Portland last year while on a wine tour. My meals at Wildwood, Payleys, Andina, and Bluehour could hold up against the best of L.A. Some of my closest friends who are fellow foodies from here are spending a few days in Portland soon. Is there anything new in the last year that has opened in the same calibur as the aformentioned places you could suggest. Anytime any of you come to L.A. I have great places for you to try. Thank you.

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  1. Fenouil, Carlyle, Hurley's, and Olea are all in the same part of town and in the same class as those, imo. Fenouil and Olea are relatively new. If they want a little cheaper, but still really good food, have them try Park Kitchen or Alberta St Oyster Bar. The interiors here aren't quite as fancy, also.

    Check the tipsheet:

    1. What do people think of Tabla? I have heard very good things about it but have not gone yet. I ate at park kitchen recently and really enjoyed it.

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        I LOVE Tabla. They're $24 prix fixe is an amazing deal. I love their vegetables too, and the ravioli is one of my favorites. Definately worth a visit.

      2. I am also an LA hound that has visited and dined in Portland several times in the last couple years. Tabla is great for a 3 course tasting, then maybe go down the street to Wine Down on 28th for after dinner wines, the owner is super nice and will fine what you are looking for based on description.

        Also in the neighborhood is Noble Rot which has many great flights.

        I enjoyed Olea's happy hour, the prosciutto wrapped dates and thyme infused vodka especially.

        Park Kitchen Was my favorite dinner, the menu changes all the time, so hard to say what you might see when you are there but all of it lovely.

        The farmer's market on Saturday's at PSU is awesome. I have only been in the spring so I cannot testify for the fall offerings, but between the prepared food and the eye candy (foodwise) I really loved it.

        If you are up late and in the downtown area, check out voodoo dougnuts for the bacon maple bar, which i think is only available on weekends.

        1. The Farmers' Market at PSU has its peak in Aug-Sept, as that is when the peaches, nectarines, heirloom tomoatoes, and melons are at their best. Sept-Oct we see all the apples & pears. And late Oct the new crop of filberts (hazelnuts for you outsiders!) comes in.