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Aug 29, 2006 05:36 PM

Office Dinner - Italian Grotto in Scottsdale

Has anyone recently been to the Italian Grotto in old Scottsdale? We were there a few years ago during Spring Training and loved the ambience and the food was great, but haven't seen any recent reviews. We're trying to plan an office dinner somewhere in old Scottsdale, so any other suggestions would also be appreciated. We're from Seattle and have our annual retreat in Scottsdale this September. Thank you-

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  1. I found the service to be so offensively bad the last time that I went (they iverbally nsulted my grandmother more than once.. i mean, c'mon) that I committed the ultimate sin, I didn't tip (and marked on the back of the bill the exact reasons why).

    So I was SHOCKED when the bill came later from visa and I discovered they'd altered where I put down 0 to say 20$.

    I don't remember the food being either good or bad, it was so overshadowed by their bad service.

    1. If you head a few miles south, you will find better Italian food. Here are 2 suggestions:

      Molise Cucina Italiana
      2515 N Scottsdale Rd # 12

      Lo Cascio's Italian Restaurant
      2210 N Scottsdale Rd

      1. i did. i mean, i had to call visa anyways. apparently, 20$ is not enough for them to get in a huff, which I understand. but seriously, it was an altogether offensive affair. (and it should be noted, the bad service was from the owner on down, so I wasn't unfairly penalizing the waiter)