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Aug 29, 2006 05:30 PM

Menu challenge - high impact/low effort

I'm hosting a special birthday dinner for my husband. We plan to have about 12 guests. Can you give me a foolproof menu that will completely "wow" the guests? We're on a budget so we're trying to keep the costs moderate. I am definitely up for doing any amount of advance preparation but want to have a menu where there are very few last minute details to tend to.. I'm sure I'll be too tipsy to remember ! My husband loves spanish red wine so we'll probably serve spanish red wine and I want to do a port tasting with dessert. Any good menus would be appreciated!

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  1. Since you are having the red wine and port... :)

    There are several very simple "Paella" like dishes out there that you can make with in expensive chicken thighs and Sausages.

    Spanish Tortilla is mostly potatoes.

    For appetizers, you can do olives, bacon wrapped dates stuffed with cabrales cheese, Jamon Serano wrapped in figs, Dip made with red pepper paste. All these things are inexpensive at trader joes.


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      Oh, Saffron is also pretty inexpensive at Trader Joes too (Since people seem to like the "Paella" idea... :)


    2. My thoughts exactly, Dommy! I just want to suggest to the poster that she may want to pick up a copy of 'Paella!' by Penelope Casas. Lots of terrific paella recipes. Easy tapas and dessert ideas, too. I have paella/Casas on my mind since a friend and I are making two of her paella recipes over the Labor Day weekend. Can't wait. And good luck to AmblerGirl, too.

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        You could add a nice gazpacho -white or red- for an app. It is cheap, easy, and make-ahead.


      2. I don't think anyone is going to be able to beat Dommy's idea, but some kind of fish in parchment packets would be impressive too!

        Flan would be an easy dessert that you could do ahead of time, and would go well with the rest of the Spanish menu. (Cheap too!)

        1. I love the Spanish theme-paella idea, but it's not really a last minute dish. You can make the soffrito ahead of time, but if made way ahead the flavors won't be very good. I would definitely do the spanish tortilla as an appetizer. You can make it way ahead and serve it at room temperature. I'd start with that and some manchego cheese and olives. Next I'd serve gazpacho. It is completely make-ahead.

          I can't think of an entree right now, but if I do I'll edit my post.

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            Actually, I make Penelope Casas's Paella a la Valenciana almost entirely beforehand. She even says in the recipe "Make in advance up to this point," although I found I needed to fiddle around somewhat with the order of her procedure before it worked as well as I wanted it to. Basically, you can do everything up until stirring in the broth and adding the chicken and seafood hours in advance. I spend less than ten minutes in the kitchen once the guests have arrived. Very doable. And outstanding results. And very definitely a high-impact presentation.

          2. Would you consider doing a tapas meal? If so, there's a great thread recently with lots of suggestions and links to recipes.