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Aug 29, 2006 05:11 PM

80 year old and 12 year old--where do I take them?

My 80-year-old grandmother and 12-year-old cousin will be visiting SF this weekend. They're not particularly adventurous eaters, but I'd like to take them to a couple of fun San Francisco restaurants. I was thinking along the lines of Italian, Chinese and/or seafood, which should be within their comfort zone. (And I'm fairly new to the city so don't know too many places yet.) Any suggestions for a place that isn't too loud or trendy that will be enjoyed by both ends of the age spectrum?


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  1. Tadich is old school SF. Don't expect brilliant food, but it fits your specs as long as you get a booth or table.

    1. Personally I'd take them to Scoma's down on Fisherman's Wharf. Old town atmosphere, great views, decent food.

      Pier 47
      San Francisco, CA 94133
      (415) 771-4383

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        The good thing about Scoma's is that they have free valet parking at the door of the restaurant ... something to consider with an 80 year old.

        If you do go, go for lunch when they have a three-course prix-fix for $21.95. Lunch is served until 3:30 pm. Otherwise it is VERY expensive. If you go for dinner, split dishes as they are obscenely large. The fish is VERY fresh, the sides rather uninspiring. But it is off on a wharf of it's own, a little away from the other Fisherman's Wharf restaurants and has its boats parked (moored?) next to the restaurant with a fish processing house.

        Dim sum might be fun. For the not adventurous there is Yank Sing in the Rincon Center. There is a garage, but I'd drop off your grandmother in front or on the Boulevard Restaurant side of the building as the walk from the garage can be a bit much.

      2. In 2006 "80" does not always = infirm by any means!

        I work out at a gym with many folks that age and beyond who can do all that the 40 year olds do, if sometimes a bit more slowly.

        Why not one of the Chinese restaurants with seafood tanks instead of overpriced, boring Scoma's?

        Or, perhaps, something v. SF like Zuni? Though it may be too late now to get a reservation there.

        Dim sum is a great suggestion.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions.

          My grandmother is actually quite amazing for 80 (she traveled to China with me last year, but complained about the food the whole time. . . ), but I want to be sensitive and not force her to walk up and down too many hills.

          1. I took an 80 year old and an 18 year old (and the whole family inbetween) to my favorite Italian Restaurant in the city -- Firenze by Night. In general cute Italians speaking Italian will make any woman any age happy, but my specific reccomendation would be Firenze. They are on Stockton at Green right near Columbus so just off the main path. Best gnocchi, great veal parmesean, everything is hommemade.

            If you are with great company that price usually doesn't matter but my two cents on Scoma's is that it is way over priced (typical tourist area). Also, though your grandmother is still kickin, Scoma's doesn't take reservations so just pray you find a seat for her to wait in. Waits are usually in the 30-60 minute range during prime hours.

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              Have you been to Scoma's recently?