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Seeking Upscale Italian On Staten Island

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Just curious.. are there any upscale Italian restaurants on Staten Island? I'm meeting some people there and trying to find the right spot. Doesn't need to be Babbo or Manhattan equivalent- just a place where the service and food is real good and the wine list is taken seriously.


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  1. My pick would be Angelina's. It's in a dump of a strip mall, but serves good food and wine. Pricey for SI, but worth it.

    1. Last weekend I went to Bella Vita on Hylan with the family, they had some good stuff. I just wasn't crazy about their vegetables, they tasted frozen. I also like Nino's on Hylan. They're very good, good wine, good food. They're also on Hylan, a little closer to Clove Rd.

      1. Cafe Pasta on Hylan Blvd or LaFontana on Amboy Rd...

        MY FAVORITE for wine/ atmosphere/ elegant dining:
        Pane E Vino on Amboy Rd in Great Kills http://www.restaurant.com/microsite.a...

        1. Bella Vita is really really bad, Cafe Pasta WAS really really bad but now it's closed, La Fontana is entertaining because of the clientele it attracts. I've never been to Nino's or Pane e Vino but could only imagine.

          A better answer to the original poster's question would be "no".

          Believe me.

          Staten Island doesn't do "upscale" Italian food or any other food for that matter.

          On the other hand, Angelina's has consisently received great reviews over the years by numerous sources.

            1. Hi,
              With respect to my fellow Chow Hounds, all the above recc are pretty run-of-the-mill eateries. Nothing upscale about them.
              If you want an upscale Italian restaurant with lovely decor,
              professional service and delicious food, try Torrone's on Hylan Blvd. I have eaten there many times. It's excellent.
              They also have a very varied pre fixe for a reasonable price (6 person max). The staff is friendly and helpful.
              The food is well prepared. I cannot vouch for the"seriousness" of the wine list, but I'm reasonably sure it will not be a disappointment. It's located in a safe neighborhood and
              they also have a very spacious parking lot.

              1. Not strictly Italian but the Lake Cafe has been good with a great setting (Clove Lake Park).

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                  I agree on the Lake Cafe. Very nice and good food. And, it's in the park.

                2. try pane e vino
                  i think you will be pleasantly surprised

                  1. Original poster,
                    So where did you go and how was it?

                    1. It's not upscale but a lot of people from the south shore rave about that place in a strip mall in annadale, lougie's or louie gino's or something like that.

                      i went there after hearing the guy doesn't own a freezer because his stuff is so fresh. i thought i had walked into the set of the sopranos...have spent my share of time on SI and never seen a restaurant quite like this. everyone turned and stared at us as we walked in with that "who the fuck are YOU" look on their faces. but then they turned around and forgot about us.

                      i had veal with a lemon sauce that was so good i wanted to lick the plate. but it came with a side of what tasted like plain frozen vegetables (so much for no freezer!). the dish was not cheap, about $20 a few years ago. and i'm looking around at the tacky fake flowers on the tables, thinking why do staten islanders put up with this stuff? for those prices the atmosphere should be nicer. the wine was good and cheap though.

                      as for other restaurants, i keep hearing great things about angelina's and had a couple good meals a few years ago at trattoria romana on hylan in dongan hills, i think. but good non-italian places don't last long because diners are so conservative about what they like. and it doesn't help the restaurant scene that the reviewers at the advance generally don't know what they're talking about.

                      staten island....i have to agree with chow baby....it's mostly just a disappointment.

                      1. I used to eat at Torrone quite often, but i think it's gone way down hill.

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                          Marina Cafe..
                          it's where we went for special events

                        2. I have to disagree that there are NO good upscale italian restaurants on SI.
                          Carol's Cafe on Richmond Rd - great food, lovely atmosphere.
                          Waterfalls on Victory Blvd - same as above loved the food and lovely atmosphere.
                          Da Noi on Victory Blvd - Never been there but have heard great things.

                          1. S.I. has some great restaurants. Carol's Cafe and Angelina's are 2 of the best. I wouldn't call Carol's an Italina joint more of an eclectic gourmet with plenty of Sicialian influence. Boca on Hylan Blvd has good food, doesn't comapare to Angelina's or Carol's but there wine list is pretty amazing. La Strada On New Dorp Lane is very good. I'm not impressed with Waterfalls, it's not bad just not the best.