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Aug 29, 2006 05:02 PM

Seeking Upscale Italian On Staten Island

Just curious.. are there any upscale Italian restaurants on Staten Island? I'm meeting some people there and trying to find the right spot. Doesn't need to be Babbo or Manhattan equivalent- just a place where the service and food is real good and the wine list is taken seriously.


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  1. My pick would be Angelina's. It's in a dump of a strip mall, but serves good food and wine. Pricey for SI, but worth it.

    1. Last weekend I went to Bella Vita on Hylan with the family, they had some good stuff. I just wasn't crazy about their vegetables, they tasted frozen. I also like Nino's on Hylan. They're very good, good wine, good food. They're also on Hylan, a little closer to Clove Rd.

      1. Cafe Pasta on Hylan Blvd or LaFontana on Amboy Rd...

        MY FAVORITE for wine/ atmosphere/ elegant dining:
        Pane E Vino on Amboy Rd in Great Kills

        1. Bella Vita is really really bad, Cafe Pasta WAS really really bad but now it's closed, La Fontana is entertaining because of the clientele it attracts. I've never been to Nino's or Pane e Vino but could only imagine.

          A better answer to the original poster's question would be "no".

          Believe me.

          Staten Island doesn't do "upscale" Italian food or any other food for that matter.

          On the other hand, Angelina's has consisently received great reviews over the years by numerous sources.