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Aug 29, 2006 04:51 PM

Kosher caterers for a wedding in the greater Boston area?

Planning a wedding for next summer, looking into Kosher caterers. Have heard great things about Andrew's. Anyone have other suggestions? Additionally, I've been having a hard time finding venues that allow outside (Kosher) caterers. Any leads would be appreciated!

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  1. Andrews is a known entity...full service and is OK. Try Sweetberry's at the JCC in Newton. They do off-site full service catering.

    The Hyatt in Cambridge has hosted kosher functions, same with the Park Plaza and Four Seasons downtown. There are a also a few small caterers who live and work in Sharon area.. The Jewish Advocate (local jewish newspaper)has good listings. I've also had Gordon and Alperin do some small things for me like deli platters. Cafe Eliat, Rubins, The Butcherie all do small scale jobs.

    Venues -- depends on what you want -- a lot of the conservative and orthodox synagogues will tell you the kosher options, and you can chooose. If you want something more creative --its going to be tricky. I know that there have been kosher functions at both Fenway park and Foxboro staduium. The big venues (theatres, museums in town have arrnagements with catering companies, and kosher isn't on their radar.

    1. "The big venues (theatres, museums in town have arrnagements with catering companies, and kosher isn't on their radar."

      Hmm, I seem to recall going to a kosher event at either the MFA or the Museum of Science.

      1. If perchance you want dairy, contact the Milk Street Café. They also do platters if you need a brunch at someone's house separate from the wedding itself.

        1. Planned my wedding at the Clarion Hotel in Hull Ma right on the water. The wedding was mostly not kosher but they were extremely accomodating for this guests that were and had Catering by Andrew separately cater for them. If you want a venue such as that give them a call and ask for Louise. They were excellent.

          1. My wife and I got married at the Seaport Hotel with Catering by Andrew. Not only is his food excellent quality, but he's an invaluable resource in terms of wedding day logistics, and has great working relationships with top-notch bands, florists, and photographers. The wedding staff at the Seaport did a great job (aside from an unauthorized surprise liquor charge), but Andrew's expertise with Jewish wedding ritual assured our day's ultimate success. I've been to many, many weddings in the last few years, and all of Andrew's have been a cut above the rest.

            P.S. His baby lamb chops are a must!