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Aug 29, 2006 04:37 PM

Mendocino 3 nights, Yountville 1 night, next week

I have reveiwed prior posts, but would like some current thoughts, particulary regarding non-ususual suspects. Splurge dinners are fine, but we like mixing in some casual meals as well. Staying at Heritage House (Mendocino) and Bordeaux Inn (Yountville).

Lunches will be more of the picnic, take-out variety. So location ideas (including wineries)are welcome. (Including on the drive to Mendocino from San Francisco--101 to 28.

ALso, will there be any weekday farmers markets in Mendocino or Napa Valley next week.



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  1. Hi Folks-

    Do chime in with reccos for Yountville dining here. Please post a seperate query about Mendocino dining on the California board, where Mendocino chow is discussed.


      1. In Napa, at COPIA, there is a farmer's market in the parking lot every Tues and Sat mornings.

        Bouchon in Yountville is a good place to pick up picnic items.