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Aug 29, 2006 04:36 PM

MSP to Prairie Du Chien, WI

The family and I will be heading down to Prairie du Chien, WI from Minneapolis this weekend for a family event. We'll probably drive down through La Crosse via Rochester and then take the river road back (haven't decided which side yet). Are there any chow-worthy stops that we should think about?

We'll be travelling with folks aged 2 - 80, so white tablecloth places are probably out of the question.

I've taken a look at past postings, so I have an idea of what's around Wabasha and Lake Pepin, but don't have a good feel for anything southeast of there.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Stop by this great dive north of Prairie du Chien about 10 miles on Hwy 35, called Spring Lake. If you can put up with the smokey atmosphere, the wait, etc. you will be rewarded with surprising meal, especially on Sat. nite with a prime rib special.

    1. In Prairie du Chien itself I was fascinated by Pete's Hamburger Stand downtown, which has been there since 1909.

      Pete's Hamburger Stand
      (608) 326-6653, 118 W. Blackhawk Ave., Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

      1. There are some good places in Decorah, IA. On 52 in Postville, IA is a great mexican place, Sabor Latino. In Marquette, IA we had a decent lunch at the Marquette Bar & Cafe. I've heard great things about the Twisted Chicken in McGregor, IA.

        1. The postings so far are right on. I live in PdC so I am always watching for interesting eats.

          My newest rec is the Londoner Bistro in the little village of Genoa, WI. Get off the highway and onto the one little main street. The place is right across from the post office. The proprietor is English/Indian and after your first pint of Guiness, you'd swear you were in jolly ol'... I took my mother and her lady friend and met up with neighbors coming down from LaCrosse.
          The ladies each had the steak special, my friends had the Shepherd's pie and a Chicken curry entree, while I feasted on beef medallions with portebella mushrooms. Each meal included potato (my mashed were great with the wonderful gravy created by my entree); fresh vegetable and salad. Mom picked up the check and it totaled $83, including pre-dinner beverages. Add on a nice tip and we had a great meal for~$20 per person.
          Service was friendly, attentive, but not particularly knowledgable. The owner visited our table during the meal and as we departed. Great time, highly recommended. Would work well for your family including children.

          Other noteworthy chow in the PdC area includes:
          Fresh baked pie at Hungry House Cafe (on Hwy 35, north of downtown)
          Great coffee shop is Simply. Interesting baked goods and sandwiches as well. (Located on Blackhawk Avenue, in our historic downtown)
          Just for fun go to Valley's Fish. Pick up some smoked fish and cheese and head to Lawler Park on the riverfront for a midday break. Valley's fish market is located on Beaumont Road and Iowa Street (Hwy 18 east bound).

          Enjoy your time in the area.

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            Simply is open for dinner...we had a great soup and salad meal without heavy meat so far on this trip...Twisted chicken is closed for the next month or we missed that...they recommended Spring Lake...but we didn't make it that far

          2. Thanks to all for the ideas. I'll report back if I'm able to convince folks to try any of these ideas.