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Aug 29, 2006 04:27 PM

Upper west side lunch spots

I recently started working on the upper west side,(broadway in the 70's) and feel I've quickly exhausted resources for lunch. How many times can you eat at Nice Matin or Cafe Luxembourg?
Any Ideas?

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  1. Epices du Traiteur on the north side of 70th just west of Columbus.

    1. the cafe upstairs at fairway.

      also try hummus place (75th/amsterdam)for quick/casual

      while i'm not a huge fan, there's always josies.

      1. What about Land Thai on Amsterdam Avenue? They have great lunch specials.

        1. i am not a huge fan of isabella's but i think it's a good lunch spot.

          1. There's also Sarabeth's on 80th and Amsterdam - they have some great lunch items and the breakfast menu as well...